Computer Science Fundamentals - Express

If you are a teacher or parent who wants to support students in learning computer science concepts at home, we offer two self-paced express courses for beginning students of all ages, even pre-readers! These courses provide a fun, engaging way for students to learn basic computer science concepts.

Express courses are completed entirely on the computer and can be delivered with or without a teacher or parent (though all students can use encouragement and support--and you don’t need to be a computer science expert to provide it!) Students learn programming concepts, computational thinking, and develop problem-solving skills and persistence. Along the way, they create computer programs including interactive games and creative projects they can share.

These courses teach the foundational concepts of programming using drag and drop blocks rather than a text language such as JavaScript or Python. Blocks are an easier way to get started and even top universities today begin their classes with block-based programming.

New to teaching computer science?

No worries! Most of our teachers have never taught computer science before. Try one of our courses yourself and you’ll see that anyone can learn!

We also offer free, online, self-paced professional development for teachers. There, you'll learn the basics of computer science concepts, review the curriculum and resources, as well as plan to implement the course in your class. If you are interested in in-person workshops for teachers, learn more about our workshops here.

If you are a parent, see our suggestions for being a “lead learner” in this support article.

Anyone with a free teacher account can also view lesson plans, join our teacher forums, and get access to even more resources.

Examples of student creations

This student created an interactive dance party.

This student created a spiraling pattern with the Artist.

This student animated his own fish tank using Sprite Lab.