Nasdaq interviews founder Hadi Partovi's work covered by CBS This Morning

President Obama does the Hour of Code

The Hour of Code has won the support of both Republicans and Democrats

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GeekWire - helping launch TeachAI to guide integration of artificial intelligence in education

GeekWire - CEO on the nonprofit’s first 10 years, and the impact of AI on teaching computer science

Arab News - UAE, sign deal to boost computer science education

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KFOR - Mayfield Middle School wins $10K from for computer science education

WBAL - helps to close Baltimore's computer science gap

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The White House - White House announces commitments to inspire, prepare, and employ the space workforce

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EdSurge - Business Leaders Say Computer Science Needs to Be A Core Subject

EdWeek - Major American companies to schools: Expand access to computer science

Bloomberg - Delta, Amazon, Wells Fargo Join Effort to Push for More US Computer Education

Royal House - The Princess of Asturias and Girona and the Infanta SofÍa attend a coding workshop given by CEO Hadi Partovi - Computer science degrees for women and other underrepresented groups continue to increase, but representation is still unbalanced

Hola! - Queen Letizia of Spain dances choreography with a group of students

GeekWire - bands together with Coldplay to get kids dancing and coding via #codeplay contest announcements

5/21/2024 - Make music, learn code: Introducing’s Music Lab

12/5/2023 - Celebrate CSEdWeek with Hour of Code: Creativity with AI

8/15/2023 - OpenAI and Runway VIPs star in two new videos on “How AI Works”

8/15/2023 - AI 101 for Teachers:, ETS, ISTE, and Khan Academy partner on professional learning series

7/12/2023 - recommends graduation requirements in computer science

7/10/2023 - Incredible updates to curriculum for 2023-24 school year

6/14/2023 - How Blockchain Works: Now that the hype has passed, learn about the tech behind it

5/2/2023 - announces AI-specific curriculum and teacher training, plus AI-enhanced learning platform

5/2/2023 - Education and Tech Leaders Come Together to Offer Guidance on Integrating AI Safely into Classrooms Worldwide

4/10/2023 - launches 'How Not to Get Hacked' video series as part of Cyber Challenge

2/7/2023 - Take the #CyberChallenge in April: Join this international cybersecurity initiative

1/17/2023 - I'm a maker! Bring computer science to life with physical computing

1/10/2023 - Teach computer science: Apply for the Professional Learning Program

12/7/2022 - Congratulations to the winners of the CS Leaders Prize!

11/14/2022 - Million Girls Moonshot and team up for Hour of Code

11/9/2022 - Hour of Code 2022: New activities + new songs in Dance Party

10/11/2022 - Hour of Code 2022: Explore, play, create!

10/11/2022 - is giving away $1M to U.S. schools to expand computer science

9/21/2022 - 2022 State of CS Report: The U.S. progresses as a new policy makes waves

6/20/2022 - Supporting our Black Employees, Students, and Teachers: June 2022 Update

5/23/2022 - AP CSA curriculum is a hit with teachers and students

5/13/2022 - New AP CSA professional learning from

4/26/2022 - Superstars from education and tech join's board of directors

4/22/2022 - partners with Dreamworks Animation's "The Bad Guys"

3/18/2022 - 10 teachers honored by the White House

2/18/2022 - Coldplay and partner to promote computer science education around the world

2/15/2022 - Cameron Wilson named president of

2/1/2022 - National Governors Association announces initiative to expand computer science opportunities

1/25/2022 - CS Journeys is back with virtual field trips, class chats, and more

1/17/2022 - Supporting our Black Employees, Students, and Teachers: January 2022 Update

1/13/2022 - Expanded self-paced online professional learning options are now available

1/10/2022 - Hour of Code 2021: More than 85K events across 164 countries!

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