Nasdaq interviews founder Hadi Partovi's work covered by CBS This Morning

President Obama does the Hour of Code

The Hour of Code has won the support of both Republicans and Democrats

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Ed Surge - Why Big Names and Big Money Are Backing Greater Access to Computer Science

NewCo - Coding Isn’t Part of Our Core Curriculum. But Thanks To, It May Soon Be.

Mashable - There's fresh hope for diversity in tech, thanks to ... a new AP exam?

USA Today - AP computer science exam takers double; here's why

Education Dive - Governors tout funding support for computer science classes, PD

CNN - GM CEO Mary Barra says the world needs more coders

Seattle Times - takes computer science into middle schools

Punk Rock Preschool - How to Teach Computer Science in Early Childhood – Interview with Kiki Prottsman of

American Libraries Magazine - Why teaching girls to code will change the workforce … and the culture

Ed Surge - Gives Away Free Curriculum and Arduino Boards to Promote Diversity in Tech

Geek Wire - gears up to get 30,000 students psyched up about computer science

Forbes - Games Like 'Minecraft' Could Help Syrian Children Refugees Thrive

The Atlantic - A Plan to Teach Every Child Computer Science

Huffington Post - Celebrating Computer Science Education Week 2016: Investing in Computer Science for All Will Be Key to College and Career Readiness

New York Times - Computing in the classroom: Teach it as early as possible

Washington Post - Top business leaders, 27 governors, education leaders urge Congress to boost computer science education

Re/code - Re/code Decode interview: CEO Hadi Partovi

Wall Street Journal - Why coding is your child’s key to unlocking the future

Seattle Times - Why every school should teach computer science

New York Times - Reading, writing, arithmetic, and now, coding

Washington Post - Successful ‘Hour of Code’ prompts effort to change school policies

Reddit - Hadi and Ali Partovi ('s twin co-founders) AMA on Reddit announcements

12/8/2017 - No details yet on $200 in federal funding for STEM and CS

12/4/2017 - 9 states, 76 school districts, and 102 organizations worldwide pledge to expand computer science education for millions of students

12/4/2017 - The 5th Hour of Code is here!

11/28/2017 - CSTA and Announce the 2017 Champions for Computer Science

11/27/2017 - Sheryl Sandberg, Stephen Curry, Russell Wilson, Susan Wojcicki, StacyPlays encourage students to make apps

11/14/2017 - Take a “journey” with Minecraft!

11/3/2017 - From an Hour of Code to years of Computer Science

10/19/2017 - Exam scores and computer science classrooms

9/26/2017 - American companies fund $300M in largest joint effort for K-12 computer science

9/25/17 - $200 million a year for computer science

9/8/17 - In manufacturing, software jobs outpace production jobs for first time

9/5/17 - 1,300 middle and high school teachers take on computer science

9/1/2017 - Universities aren't preparing enough computer science teachers

8/11/2017 - With’s new curriculum, the underrepresentation of minorities in computer science isn’t about lack of interest, but lack of access

7/18/2017 - Girls set AP Computer Science record…skyrocketing growth outpaces boys

7/12/2017 - Global momentum for computer science continues to grow

7/5/2017 - Girls and underrepresented minorities are represented in courses

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