Nasdaq interviews founder Hadi Partovi's work covered by CBS This Morning

President Obama does the Hour of Code

The Hour of Code has won the support of both Republicans and Democrats

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KTLO - Arkansas becomes newest regional training partner

EdSurge - More Than Half of High Schools Offer Computer Science, But Access Isn’t Equal

EdWeek - More Than Half of High Schools Now Offer Computer Science, But Inequities Persist

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The Hechinger Report - Foreign tech workers are getting fed up. Can better education for U.S. students fill the gap?

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EdSurge - Coding Can Be a Gift to Struggling Students. Let’s Give It to Them.

EdScoop - U. of California now allows high-school computer science as core curriculum credit

Education Dive - 33 states adopted 57 computer science ed policies since 2018

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Hosting Advice - Brings Computer Science Courses to Schools Through Community Outreach and Professional Development for Educators

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Ed Surge - Gives Away Free Curriculum and Arduino Boards to Promote Diversity in Tech

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New York Times - Reading, writing, arithmetic, and now, coding

Washington Post - Successful ‘Hour of Code’ prompts effort to change school policies

Reddit - Hadi and Ali Partovi ('s twin co-founders) AMA on Reddit announcements

12/6/2021 - Hour of Code 2021 is here: Celebrate #CSEverywhere!

11/16/2021 - Announcing’s newest curriculum, CS Connections, plus this year’s Hour of Code activities

11/11/2021 - Bid to benefit Ashton Kutcher, Marc Benioff, Mark Cuban, Ellen Pao, and more voice support for computer science education

11/3/2021 - 2021 State of CS report shows half of U.S. high schools offer CS, but disparities still exist

10/14/2021 - #CSEverywhere: Celebrate the impacts of CS during this year’s Hour of Code

9/29/2021 - Former Spanish presidents unite in support of computer science

9/7/2021 - New CS Journeys program helps students explore CS beyond the classroom

9/3/2021 - Calling on Biden and Congress: Fund computer science in schools

8/25/2021 - commits to teaching cybersecurity concepts to 3 million students

7/20/2021 - These teens started learning on and just sold their first startup

7/13/2021 - curriculum now teaches AI to every student!

5/21/2021 - signs licensing agreement with WhiteHat Jr

2/24/2021 - Amazon, plan new curriculum for breakthrough in computer science diversity

12/15/2020 - Young women set records in computer science exams, again!

10/14/20 - 2020 State of CS report shows less than half of U.S. schools teach CS

6/3/20 - Supporting our Black employees, partners, teachers, and students

5/11/20 - Women computer science graduates finally surpass record set 17 years ago, but percentages lag behind

4/14/20 - CS helps students outperform in school, college, and workplace

12/9/19 - A whole new Hour of Code, and a big milestone!

11/13/19 - Fifty Nifty: Every state has adopted K-12 CS policy!

11/5/19 - 100 new Hour of Code tutorials are here!

10/28/19 - Why every student should study computer science

10/15/19 - This Hour of Code is about #CSforGood. Learn CS, change the world.

10/14/19 - Computer Science and PISA 2021

10/1/2019 - U.S. announces computer science funding recipients

9/12/2019 - Celebrating 100,000 new computer science teachers!

9/11/2019 - Young women set record as CS gender gap continues to shrink

6/10/2019 - CEO: Maintain Computer Science Momentum

6/5/2019 - Alabama adopts all 9 Advocacy Coalition policies

5/1/2019 - Leader Spotlight: with Robert Runcie & Hadi Partovi

3/11/2019 - Introducing the new accessible CS Principles curriculum

2/14/2019 - KIPP Schools unanimously choose courses for computer science

2/4/2019 - US Dept of Education Prioritizes Computer Science Funding

1/11/2019 - The global reach of the Hour of Code

12/3/2018 - The largest Hour of Code in history is here!

11/4/2018 - Katy Perry, Sia, Keith Urban, Madonna and more in #HourOfCode Dance Party tutorialKaty Perry, Sia, Keith Urban, Madonna and more in #HourOfCode Dance Party tutorial

9/10/2018 - 5 tips for hosting a successful Hour of Code

9/11/2018 - Research shows 5x computer science participation at schools in program

8/27/2018 - Girls and minorities break records in computer science as fastest-growing groups!

8/9/2018 - Detroit classroom doubles state participation of Black students in computer science

7/26/2018 - Chile announces plan to bring computer science to every student

5/24/2018 - reaches US rural students for the first time

5/21/2018 - The K-12 Computer Science Access Report: charting a path to our vision

5/9/2018 - Computer science mania sweeps the US

5/8/2018 - Celebrating teachers at the heart of our movement

4/25/2018 - students like their computer science class more than schoolwork in general

4/20/2018 - Newly released federal grant program shows priority for computer science

4/17/2018 - + resourceful teachers = higher student achievement!

4/13/2018 - Three Wyoming students are using computer science to impact their community

4/11/2018 - partners with Kahoot! for fun computer science learning games

4/10/2018 - Is diversity in computing jobs improving?

3/27/2018 - $1.3 trillion federal spending bill has good news for CS!

3/23/2018 - Computer science is ‘particular focus’ of federal grants

3/15/2018 - Fostering creativity through computer science

3/10/2018 - “I couldn’t believe how fun this was”

2/26/2018 - Dedicating our 5 year anniversary to our partners

2/16/2018 - Using data to improve computer science education

2/14/2018 - and ISTE partner on professional learning and more

2/1/2018 - $37.5 million for CS proposed in states

1/30/2018 - Bill Gates stars in new videos teaching How Computers Work

12/4/2017 - 9 states, 76 school districts, and 102 organizations worldwide pledge to expand computer science education for millions of students

12/4/2017 - The 5th Hour of Code is here!

11/27/2017 - Sheryl Sandberg, Stephen Curry, Russell Wilson, Susan Wojcicki, StacyPlays encourage students to make apps

11/14/2017 - Take a “journey” with Minecraft!

11/3/2017 - From an Hour of Code to years of Computer Science

9/26/2017 - American companies fund $300M in largest joint effort for K-12 computer science

9/8/17 - In manufacturing, software jobs outpace production jobs for first time

9/1/2017 - Universities aren't preparing enough computer science teachers

7/18/2017 - Girls set AP Computer Science record…skyrocketing growth outpaces boys

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