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Code.org® is an education innovation nonprofit dedicated to the vision that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science as part of their core K-12 education. We expand access to computer science in schools, with a focus on increasing participation by young women and students from other underrepresented groups. The leading provider of K-12 computer science curriculum in the largest school districts in the United States, Code.org also organizes the annual Hour of Code campaign, which has engaged more than 15% of all students in the world. Code.org is supported by generous donors including Microsoft, Amazon, Google and many others.

Over 80 million students and 2 million teachers on Code.org

Code.org participation from the 2021-2022 school year. See disaggregated data.

Code.org increases diversity in computer science by reaching students of all backgrounds where they are — at their skill-level, in their schools, and in ways that inspire them to keep learning. The vast majority of the students on Code.org are from student groups historically underrepresented in computer science. Increasing diversity in computer science is foundational to our work, and we encourage you to read more about our efforts.

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Our goals and metrics

Code.org Goal Accomplishment
Improve diversity in CS (US students) 45% of Code.org students are young women, 50% are students from marginalized racial and ethnic groups, and 46% of US students are in high needs schools. Read more about our approach to diversity.
Inspire students Hundreds of millions have tried the Hour of Code. (1,734,966,543 served. 49% female)
Reach classrooms 2,626,541 teachers have signed up to teach our intro courses on Code Studio and 88,064,133 students are enrolled.
Prep new CS teachers We've prepared more than 106,000 new teachers to teach CS across grades K-12. Learn about our professional learning programs.
Change school district curriculum We've partnered with 180+ of the largest school districts and 60 regional partners to add CS to school curriculum. Learn about becoming a regional partner.
Set up policies to support CS Policies changed in 50 U.S. states to establish CS education standards, make CS courses count towards high school graduation, etc. (details)
Go global Our courses are available in over 67 languages, used in 180+ countries.
Source: Code Studio Activity and surveys of participating educators

"Every single day yielded the same results— 100% engagement." - Nina Nichols Peery, Teacher

"I knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance." - Mariana Alzate, 5th grader

"I have never, ever seen my students so excited about learning." - Frank Martinez, Teacher

More information, history, and philosophy

In 2013, Code.org was launched by twin brothers Hadi and Ali Partovi with a video promoting computer science. This video became #1 on YouTube for a day, and 15,000 schools reached out to us for help. Since then, we've expanded from a bootstrapped staff of volunteers to build a full organization supporting a worldwide movement. We believe that a quality computer science education should be available to every child, not just a lucky few.

To support our goal, we do work across the education spectrum: designing our own courses or partnering with others, training teachers, partnering with large school districts, helping change government policies, expanding internationally via partnerships, and marketing to break stereotypes.

Our work builds upon decades of effort, by countless organizations and individuals who have helped establish, fund, and spread computer science education. We're thankful to benefit from the tireless help of the broader computer science education community, and we thank all the partners and individuals who have supported our impact over the years).

A unifying approach in a divided world

Code.org's global role in the K-12 computer science movement is only possible because we use a unifying approach across diverse and often divided stakeholders. At a time of increasing polarization, the idea of increasing opportunity for students unites people from across the political spectrum. Code.org's team members, students, teachers, and supporters have diverse and diverging viewpoints, and they are all welcome in our mission. Read more.

Code.org's International Reach

Over 40% of our website traffic comes from outside of the United States and that number continues to climb. In order to expand global access to computer science, our team works closely with more than 100 international partners, helping them to promote the Hour of Code, advocate for policy change, and train teachers. We are making computer science part of the international education discourse by partnering with ministries of education from around the world and working with international organizations like the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Our commitment to accessibility

Code.org believes computer science is foundational for all students and we are committed to equity, access, and opportunity in our organizational values. To achieve this goal, we work to identify and eliminate barriers that prevent the inclusion and full participation of students and educators with disabilities. To learn more about our efforts, see our accessibility statement.

Our commitment to free curriculum and open source technology

All curriculum resources and tutorials we author will forever be free to use and openly licensed under a Creative Commons license, allowing others to make derivative education resources for non-commercial purposes. If you are interested in licensing our materials for commercial purposes, contact us. Our courses are translated for worldwide use or by speakers of different languages. Our technology is developed as an open source project.

Code.org Advocacy Coalition

The Code.org Advocacy Coalition is a bipartisan coalition of corporations and nonprofits that work together to help establish US federal and state policies to expand and sustain access to K-12 computer science and to broaden participation and diversity in the field. We bring together Republican and Democratic political leaders in common cause supporting expanding access to and participation in K-12 computer science.

K-12 Computer Science Framework

Code.org is a member of the steering committee that helped establish the K-12 Computer Science Framework - a high-level guide for states, districts, and organizations implementing computer science education. The Framework has won the support of hundreds of academics, K-12 educators, software companies, nonprofits, and states.

Code.org Donors

Code.org® is a registered public 501c3 nonprofit, with support from the general public. We are grateful for the generous support we've received from individuals and organizations who support our vision.

Code.org's accomplishments (above) demonstrate our ability to leverage those dollars into strong outcomes. But given our nonprofit ambition that every child in every school should have access to computer science — to become literate citizens in today's digital world and to test their interests in exploring CS further as a career — we have a long way to go to meet a fundraising goal that will support that vision.

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