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Did you know that computer science fosters creativity and teaches students critical thinking skills to become proactive learners? That’s why elementary school is the ideal time for students to be introduced to CS! Six different studies show: children who study computer science perform better in other subjects, excel at problem-solving, and are 17% more likely to attend college.

Computer Science Fundamentals

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Designed to be fun and engaging, Computer Science Fundamentals courses blend online and "unplugged" non-computer activities to teach students computational thinking, problem solving, programming concepts and digital citizenship. The six courses are optimized for grades K-5 and each include 10-25 hours of instructed learning over several lessons. Students will create their own games, art, and digital stories that they can share.

Our six Computer Science Fundamentals courses are flexibly designed for teachers new to CS who want to offer accessible and equitable introductory CS courses to their students.

How you teach these courses is up to you - as part of your classroom schedule, weekly lab or library time, supporting lessons for math and language arts, or to make creative projects.

Computer Science Connections

This curriculum allows students to learn computer science concepts at the same time as learning other subjects like language arts, math, and science — with more to come. Through CS Connections, K-12 classrooms can explore their usual subjects in exciting new ways!

The curriculum has options for teachers who’d like to incorporate computer science into their lesson plans for other subjects, as well as CS educators who want to reinforce what students are learning in other subjects.

Continue Learning with micro:bit Extension Lessons for CS Fundamentals

Have you completed CS Fundamentals Course C, D, E or F with your students and are looking to continue your learning? We have partnered with micro:bit to offer 4 extension lessons for each course. These lessons extend the learning students have done during CS Fundamentals while allowing students to try their hand at being a maker and learn about physical computing.

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