Our Team

Nearly 100 Code.org employees in matching blue and yellow t-shirts pose in a hotel conference room for the company's summer 2022 Codechella event.

Aimee Lynch

Finance & Accounting Operations Manager

Aimee supports the finance and human resource departments. A graduate of Washington State University, Aimee previously worked at (and has a passion for) Harley Davidson. Outside of Code.org, she enjoys spending most of her time with her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Nikki.

Alekzandria Peugh

Development Operations Manager

Alekzandria, or Alek, is the Development Operations Manager, bringing her passion for database and systems management to the team after almost a decade of working in the arts. She is passionate about education and animal welfare; she co-founded a non-profit focused on human-animal support services, and shares her home with five rescued cats and a dog.

Alexis Harrigan

Director of Institutional Partnerships

As the Director of Institutional Partnerships, Alexis works with corporate and foundation partners to maximize Code.org's impact to reach more students and educators. She has worked on education policy at the local, state, and federal levels. Alexis is passionate about Code.org's focus on increasing computer science participation by women and students from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

Ali Vira

Sr. Product Manager

Ali works on Code.org’s platform team - promoting and maximizing global equitable access to Code.org’s tools & curricula. A Systems Design Engineering graduate from Waterloo, Ali has launched micro-satellites, built solar farms, wired arctic diamond mines, shipped startups, and led international teams of engineers, designers, and PMs.

Alice Fisher

Software Engineer

Alice Fisher was a classroom math and computer science teacher for 18 years. She is passionate about education and loves supporting the mission of expanding access to CS education as a Code.org engineer. Outside of work, she loves to climb with her husband and daughter, take walks and go on bike rides.

Alicia Modoor

Project Manager

Alicia is passionate about advancing equity in education and brings that to her role as Project Manager on the Edpop team. Prior to Code.org, Alicia worked with school districts across South Carolina to implement arts integration and STEM programs. She is thrilled to serve Code.org's mission in increasing access to computer science for all students.

Allison Godfrey

Data Analyst

Allison serves as a data analyst on the research, evaluation and data team. Prior to joining the team, she has been on both the teaching and the administrative/data sides of K12 education. As a former educator (using code.org!) and a data fanatic, she gets to make sense of data in order to ultimately increase opportunity in CS education.

Amber Mariano Davis

Director of State Government Affairs

Amber is the Director of State Government Affairs at Code.org. Amber works to achieve Code.org's mission to have every student enriched by CS Education. She is a fierce advocate for students, and has spent her career in the Florida Legislature focusing on education policy. In her spare time Amber loves to golf, hike, and play with her Bernedoodle Luna.

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Amy Berkhoudt Woodman

Sr. Curriculum Development Manager

Amy is part of the Curriculum team, specifically focused on developing engaging and inclusive CS activities that integrate into other subject areas like math, science, and ELA. In addition to her dedication to CS curriculum writing, Amy has worked in multiple levels of education, spanning from classroom teaching, non-profit management, education policy, and academic research.

Amy Watson

VP of Finance

As the VP of Finance at Code.org, Amy leads the Finance and Business Operations teams. Before joining Code.org, Amy led Finance functions at SMB technology and software companies in the Seattle area. Amy holds a BA from Seattle University and an MBA from Loyola University Chicago. When not working, she is often planning or enjoying travel adventures around the globe.

Andrea Robertson-Nottingham

Facilitator Development Specialist

As part of the Education team, Andrea focuses on the development and support of our amazing 6-12 facilitators. A National Board Certified teacher in CTE, Andrea has spent 26 years in secondary classrooms teaching mathematics, engineering and computer science. In her spare time, she works with a local youth development program as an adviser for their NSBE Jr. chapter.

Andrea Thompson

Office Administrator

Andrew McCormack

Customer Success Representative

Angelina Dominguez

Curriculum Development Manager

Prior to joining Code.org, Angelina taught CS and Cybersecurity to high school students in Las Vegas, Nevada where she strived to empower females and students from underrepresented groups to see themselves as capable and successful in both subjects. With a Masters in Technology in Education and a CompTIA Security+ Cybersecurity certification, Angelina passionately works to improve CS and Cybersecurity education.

Anna Xu

Software Engineer

Anna is a software engineer who is passionate about increasing equity in education as a catalyst for social change. Prior to coming to Code.org, she worked at Amazon in Prime Video Personalization. Outside of work, Anna does photography, personal training, traveling, and dog-walking.

Anthony Owen

Sr. Director of State Government Affairs

Prior to coming onboard in 2022, Anthony unofficially worked with Code.org for many years as the nation’s first state computer science supervisor. Anthony has been married to Michele since 2000, and they have two sons. Anthony, a first-generation college student, has a B.S. in Math, a M.S.E. in Ed Leadership, a J.D., and is a member of the AR Bar.

Aron Miller

Event Coordinator

Aron Miller is a Event Coordinator at Code.org. He has experience building conference programs for nonprofits, and when he isn’t working can be found exploring breweries and the back trails of the PNW in his trusty VW camper.

Aryanna Trejo

Professional Learning Manager

Aryanna is a member of the Professional Learning Team. Before joining Code.org, Aryanna led CS professional development for K-6 teachers and taught fourth and fifth grade. In her spare time, Aryanna loves taking advantage of the California sunshine, creating wheel-thrown pottery, and hanging out with her dog Lola.

Baker Franke

Research and Evaluation Manager

Baker is a former high school CS teacher from the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. He previously served on the leadership team of the Chicago CSTA in efforts to make computer science a requirement in Chicago Public Schools. At Code.org, Baker works primarily on the CS Principles project and evaluation of educational programs.

Becky Kenemuth

Program Manager

Becky is the Program Manager for the 6-12 Education Programs. Before joining Code.org, she worked in higher education and supported college students in achieving academic and professional goals. Becky is passionate about advancing diversity and inclusion in STEM! She lives with her partner and two sons in Washington, DC where they love doing family adventures!

Ben Brooks

Software Engineer

Ben works to help better understand what and how much students are learning through Code.org’s curriculum. He has a background in data roles in public health research, web analytics, and city government settings.

Bethany Connor

Software Engineer

Bethany is a software engineer who is passionate about expanding CS education and diversifying the tech industry. Prior to Code.org, she worked at Google and previously volunteered with the TEALs program.

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Brendan Reville

Software Engineer

Brendan is a software engineer who loves building user experiences. Since moving to Seattle from Sydney, he has worked at Microsoft on the Xbox 360, volunteered in a low-income after-school tutoring program, and played some ice hockey.

Brian Mesh

Software Engineering Manager

Brian leads the Platform Engineering team. He loves finding ways to make the world a better place. Prior to Code.org, Brian graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, was a Software Engineer at Microsoft, lead teams at SAP Concur, and worked as a Director at OliveAI. He lives in the greater Seattle area with his wife Megan and 4 kids.

Briana Cole

Recruiting Coordinator

Bryan Djunaedi

Product Manager

As a product manager for the Teacher Tools team, Bryan is passionate about making computer science accessible and equitable for all students, regardless of gender or LGBTQIA+ identity, disability, language, or technology access. A UW computer science graduate, former software engineer at Boeing, and former curriculum writer/CS teacher in Peru, he loves making pies, organic gardening, and all things outdoors!

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Cameron Wilson


Cameron was previously COO and President of the Code.org Advocacy Coalition. Before that, Cameron served as Director of Public Policy for the Association for Computing Machinery. In 2010, he launched the Computing in the Core coalition to bring attention to K-12 CS education. As president of Code.org, Cameron helps guide the organization's efforts to expand access to K-12 computer science education.

Carrie Morrison

District & School Growth Manager

As the District & School Growth Manager, Carrie increases K-12 students’ access to computer science education through driving the adoption of Code.org’s products within districts and schools across the country. Carrie is a Pacific Northwest native who loves exploring the great outdoors, creative writing, live music, food and art festivals, and spending time with her family.

Case Soskin

Employee Experience Manager

In an effort to optimize and improve the employee experience at Code.org, Case manages the onboarding, employee relations, benefits, and HR support processes. She graduated from Penn State University with a BA in Broadcast Journalism, and is SHRM certified. Outside of work, Case spends her time volunteering through the Junior League of Nashville.

Codeye Woody

Director of State Government Affairs

Codeye is the Director of State Government Affairs for Code.org. Codeye works with policymakers to ensure that each student has access to computer science curriculum in their schools. Previously, Codeye worked in legislative offices and in government affairs. He's a graduate of the University of Central Florida.

Dan Schneider

Sr. Curriculum Development Manager

Dan is a curriculum writer at Code.org. Prior to joining the education team, Dan taught computer science and math to high school students in Tucson, AZ. Dan is passionate about creating connections between our students' personal experiences and computer science, empowering them to use computer science to create change in their own communities and as a creative medium for self-expression.

Dana Cross

Program Coordinator

Dana is a Program Coordinator supporting the Education Projects and Operations Team. With a degree in History and Education Studies from UCLA, Dana has previously worked at a tech startup, as an AmeriCorps member, and in nonprofit fundraising. She is passionate about equity in education and is excited to support programs that help all students gain access to computer science.

Dani LaMarca

Product Manager

Dani comes from Worcester Academy where she was a Computer Science, Math and Design Teacher. She graduated from Bowdoin College with a B.A in Computer Science and Math Education. At Code.org, Dani works with the education team creating innovative curriculum material for the high school level.

Danielle Boulden

K-5 Education Program Manager

Danielle is the K-5 Education Program Manager at Code.org. Danielle has experience as a K-12 educator and an educational researcher on grant-funded projects around technology-rich student learning experiences. Danielle is passionate about fostering strong partnerships that bring computer science learning to students in underserved communities and strongly believes that opportunities for CS learning should start early in formal schooling environments.

Danielle Kiser

Project Manager

Doyeon leads partnerships in Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. She is passionate about building, fostering, and scaling partnerships through cross-sector collaboration. Before Code.org, Doyeon founded and nurtured two nonprofits in the U.S. and Asia—one for equity in education and the other for women's empowerment. She has academic and work experience in computer science and public policy.

Darin Webb

Software Engineering Manager

Darin is a collaborative software engineer with a full-stack background. Believing that a truly inclusive world prioritizes the vulnerable and oft left behind, he joined code.org to help expand access to CS education for underserved and underrepresented students. Outside the office he organizes an annual charity hackathon, teaches circus arts, and produces theatre with his wife, Amanda.

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Dave Bailey

Software Engineer

Dave is a software engineer working on the Code.org K-12 Computer Science curriculum. Previously, he worked at Google on Gmail and Contact Manager.

Dave Frye

Director of Programs

Dave leads the Programs team at Code.org, focused on growing sustainable programs across the US that provide opportunities for all students to learn CS. Prior to Code.org, Dave was at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, helping to lead initiatives at the intersection of education policy, research, and practice, including the CS education initiative for North Carolina.

David Bernier

Director of Partnerships and Development

David develops and supports corporate and foundation partnerships to further our mission. Prior to his current role he worked on the Code.org Outreach Team leading expansion efforts in California, Arizona, and Nevada. He also served as a Project Director for an NSF grant at UCLA, and a curriculum specialist, and middle school teacher in Los Angeles.

Dayne Wagner

Software Engineer

Dayne is a software engineer with a passion for making the world a better place, self improvement, and playing games. Previously, he worked at Amazon and Twitch.tv.

Desiree Scott

Program Coordinator

Hello! My name is Desiree and I work as a program coordinator on the EdPop team. My background is in youth development and community engagement. I've always found myself involved in different aspects of the education sector and I'm happy to continue my support for youth and their education with the Code.org team.

Doyeon Kim

International Partnerships Manager, APAC

Doyeon brings dedicated nonprofit experience in building and scaling programs and partnerships to Code.org as an International Partnership Manager, APAC. She is passionate about developing solutions for complex societal problems at the intersection of public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Before Code.org, Doyeon co-founded and nurtured two nonprofits - one for equity in education and the other for women's empowerment. Doyeon also had academic and work experience in computer science and IT, which can help bridge tech and non-tech teams. Outside of work, Doyeon loves running, traveling, and playing sports with her two boys and husband.

Elijah Hamovitz

Software Engineer

Elijah fell in love with programming with his first "Hello, World!" and he hasn't looked back. He's been making websites professionally since 2010. He particularly enjoys exploring the constantly-advancing cutting edge of the web and finding new ways to turn all the tools, languages, frameworks, and platforms out there into some really, really cool websites.

Emily Eastlake

Software Engineer

Emily is a software engineer dedicated to improving the student experience at Code.org. She’s also worked in bioengineering research labs, taught 11th and 12th-grade math in New York City, and built web applications and APIs at Ookla. Outside work, she loves parenting her two boys, Masters swimming, volunteering, and spending time outside.

Emily McLeod

Director of Teaching and Learning

Emily leads the Code.org team developing K-12 curriculum and professional learning. She is an education program and product designer specializing in equitable, high-quality CS and STEM learning, and is passionate about engaging female students and students from groups underrepresented in CS. Previously, Emily was Director of Innovation, Research, and Curriculum at Techbridge Girls, and was a curriculum designer at EDC.

Emma Rodriguez

Sr. People Operations Manager

Emma Wingreen

Curriculum Writer

Emma is a K-5 Curriculum Writer. Before joining Code.org, she was a 5th grade CS teacher in New York City and prior to that a STEM educator in the Dominican Republic. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Princeton University and a Master's Degree in Computer Science Education. Outside of work, she enjoys running and biking around new cities.

Eric Fershtman

Marketing Program Manager

Eric coordinates and supports various marketing programs, including Hour of Code. Before joining Code.org, he held a wide range of roles, from university instructor to corporate communications specialist to grocery manager. Most recently, he worked at Pike Market Senior Center & Food Bank, managing projects, relationships, and social media.

Erik Dillaman

Curriculum Development Manager

Erik is a Curriculum Development Manager at Code.org. A self-described creative coder, he sees the beauty within the binary and the algorithms within the arts. Previously, he worked at the University of Texas at Austin, designing engaging and transformative computer science learning experiences for high school students and instructors alike.

Erin Ferreirae

Software Engineer

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Hadi Partovi

Founder and CEO

Code.org CEO Hadi Partovi is an entrepreneur and angel investor. Hadi was on the founding teams of Tellme and iLike, and was an investor or early advisor to numerous startups including Facebook, Dropbox, Zappos, and airbnb. His full bio is available here.

Hannah Bergam

Software Engineer

Hannah brings her background in AI Ethics to the Engineering team. She spent two years at Amazon before going to Northeastern for a graduate degree. She cares deeply about the mission to help students from underrepresented groups thrive in CS. In her free time, she jumps at the trampoline park, reads murder mystery novels, and plays with her dog Shell.

Hannah Nees

Senior Customer Success Program Manager

Hannah is the senior customer success program manager, providing outstanding experiences for our users. Prior to Code.org, Hannah owned the operational/ people management side of a customer service team, with specialized work in LMS content creation. She received a BFA in Fine Art Photography from VCU, and loves spending time with her dog, Daisy, exploring new trails in Richmond, Virginia.

Hannah Weissman

Director of Policy

Hannah is the Director of Policy, working to ensure greater access and participation in K-12 Computer Science. She graduated from Wellesley College with a B.A in Political Science and Computer Science and later received her M.Ed in secondary math and computer science education. When she is not thinking about education policy you can find her on an outdoor adventure, ideally which involves snow.

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Jake Bell

Senior International Program Manager

Jake supports Code.org's international partners in their efforts to bring computer science to the students in their countries. He previously worked as a web development instructor, where he discovered his passion for helping others learn computer science.

Jamila Cocchiola

Sr. Curriculum Development Manager

Jamila is a curriculum writer at Code.org. She previously taught computer science in Orlando, FL while also leading and participating in numerous professional and curriculum development opportunities and recruitment efforts. Jamila holds a doctorate in Computer Science and enjoys reading, gaming, and playing piano, ukulele, and bass.

Jenn Delacroix

Director of Philanthropy

Jenn Delacroix brings extensive nonprofit experience to her role as Director of Philanthropy at Code.org. Her career began at an international nonprofit consulting firm before joining smaller organizations to increase impact through fundraising. To date, she has founded three nonprofit organizations, two in STEM. Jenn has a Masters of Public Administration from USF.

Jess Baker

Senior Professional Learning Specialist

Jess is a member of the Education team. She primarily focuses on professional development programs. Before joining the team at code.org, Jess was the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at a school for girls in New Orleans. She has taught middle school science, high school Biology, and CS Principles.

Jessica Kulwik

Software Engineering Manager

Jessica is passionate about expanding access to computer science and demystifying technology. In her free time, she volunteers with local and rural high schools to teach intro computer science classes. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan and worked at Microsoft prior to joining Code.org.

Jim Thomason III

Software Engineer

Jorge Castro

Project Manager, Localization

Jorge works with national and international partners to bring computer science education to underserved communities. Before code.org, he organized outreach campaigns with the Union of Concerned Scientists and taught marine science at a museum. Jorge studied chemistry and geoscience at Williams College.

Kacie Hackett

Sr. Event Manager

Kacie Hackett is the Event Manager at Code.org. Her prior experience includes overseeing the events at the Internet Association and managing the conference program at CES in Las Vegas. Outside of work, Kacie loves playing and hosting trivia and occasionally finding a spot to perform stand-up comedy around the Washington, DC area.

Karim Meghji

Chief Product Officer

Karim is a seasoned product, and technology leader and entrepreneur who has helped build and scale successful businesses based on the belief that a strong customer focus, an iterative approach to product and technology, and an empowering people culture are critical to an organization’s success.

Karina Cordova

International Partnerships Manager

Karina works as an International Partner Manager for the Americas. She started her career as a high school teacher and transited to the non-profit sector to coordinate educational projects in Chile, Colombia, and most recently, the United States. She is passionate about promoting an education that prepares students to live fulfilling lives and positively impact the world.

Katie Frank

K-5 Curriculum Development Manager

Katie Hendrickson

Chief of Staff

Katie focuses on operations and strategy as Code.org's Chief of Staff. She works across the organization to inform leadership priorities and decision making. Her previous roles at Code.org include serving as the President of the Code.org Advocacy Coalition and Senior Director of Government Affairs. Katie holds a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from Ohio University and is a former secondary mathematics teacher.

Kaitie O'Bryan

Professional Learning Manager

Kaitie comes from Mounds View High School where she started her school's computer science program. Kaitie is also a Knowles Senior Fellow and has served 3 years on the local CSTA chapter's leadership team. She graduated with a B.A. in Mathematics and Studio Art from Gustavus Adolphus College and earned a Masters in Math Education from the University of Minnesota.

Kelby Hawn

Web Designer and Developer

Kelby is a designer and front-end developer who loves translating design into code. Before joining Code.org, she co-founded two startups with successful exits. In addition to design and coding, she enjoys reading, tidying, playing Spelling Bee from the NYTimes, and seeing people’s cats on Zoom. She’s also a member and volunteer at the Seattle Insight Meditation Society helping with website updates and emails.

Ken Akiha

Curriculum Development Manager

As a part of the Curriculum team, Ken works on developing high school curriculum. Before joining Code.org, he taught science and computer science in Maine and Boston. He is passionate about empowering all students to learn CS, especially those traditionally underrepresented in the field. He enjoys running, outdoor adventures, watching sports, and spending time with his family.

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Kristin Neibert

Sr. Business Operations Manager

Kristin ensures the business runs smoothly by managing and optimizing various operational aspects of the organization. Kristin holds a B.S. in Business and loves to travel and garden.

Kristyn Palazzolo

Project Manager

Kristyn is an enthusiastic Project Manager at Code.org, dedicated to leveraging technology to provide impactful learning experiences. Her background as a Library Media Specialist, driving STEAM initiatives and creating makerspaces for students, ignited her fervor for this work. Formerly at Digital Promise, she led efforts on powerful learning experiences as the Project Manager of Professional Learning Networks.

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LeoLin Bowen

Strategic Partnerships Manager

As the Strategic Partnerships Manager for Code.org LeoLin establishes and manages high-value partnerships with organizations as well as designs and executes strategic plans to grow the adoption of Code.org products within districts. LeoLin is also a public speaker on K-12 computer science and equity in education. Outside of work, LeoLin enjoys dancing, reading, and spending time with her family.

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Leonardo Ortiz Villacorta

VP of Development and International

Leonardo’s role is to drive fundraising and development strategies to enable Code.org’s growth and build partnerships with organizations from all over the globe --including governments, nonprofits, and private entities, to scale Code.org’s mission by equipping students with the necessary skills to understand this new digital world better and succeed in it.

Lindsay McLean

Video Producer/Editor

Maddie Dierker

Software Engineer

Maddie is a software engineer currently working on K-12 computer science curriculum. She got her start coding through Girl Develop It, and has been passionate about teaching computer science and giving others the same opportunity to learn to code ever since.

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Maggie Glennon

Senior Director of State Government Affairs

Maggie works on state policy for Code.org across the western U.S. Previously, Maggie worked in grassroots advocacy and federal government affairs, as well as on political campaigns and in legislative offices. She's a graduate of Michigan State University.

Mandy Catullo

Marketing Projects Coordinator

Madelyn is part of the Marketing team and provides support to the video department and various projects and campaigns. Prior to Code.org she helped run a production company with her husband and has worked on live music events and documentaries. When she isn’t working, she is spending time with her family and friends in sunny California.

Mario Gil Correa

Software Engineer

Mario is a software engineer in the Platform team focused on making a positive impact in the world. With a background in biomedical engineering, he worked as a researcher in neuroimaging in Madrid. After moving to USA from Spain, he taught AP CS Principles using code.org's curriculum. He was inspired by code.org's impact and decided to join the mission.

Mark Barrett

Principal Product Designer

Mark designs delightful and intuitive user experiences. After 10 years in the games industry, he is excited to apply his creativity and experience to the improvement of computer science education. He has been a mentor with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for 11 years, and volunteer teaches after-school workshops at different schools throughout the Seattle area.

Martina Pometlova

International Program Manager

Martina brings Code.org professional development programs and awareness campaigns to our partners worldwide. She has 15 years of experience managing business transformation programs at Accenture as her day job and running pro bono projects focusing on digital skills as her passion, developing a country-wide CS teacher training program in Slovakia, her home country.

Meg Crenshaw

Software Engineer

Meg is a software engineer who loves learning with kids. Before joining Code.org, she was a high school teacher. When not at a computer, they might be found dancing along a sidewalk or singing while on a bike.

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Meghan Gannon

Marketing Associate

Meghan brings a passion for equity in education to the Marketing team, where she supports email, content, and messaging strategy. She studied communications and social entrepreneurship at Northeastern University, and most recently worked at World Education on the fundraising team. Most weekends you can find her exploring Seattle on bike or playing at an ultimate frisbee tournament.

Melissa Rocha

Sr. Video Producer/Editor

Melissa is a video producer/editor with a background in photojournalism and a passion for storytelling. Before joining Code.org she worked in higher education, most recently for Wesleyan University.

Melissa Toohey

Professional Learning Manager

Melissa is a former teacher and doctor in educational leadership. Her greatest accomplishments include establishing the first elementary STEAM program in Watts, being awarded a $100,000 grant, and helping students discover their strengths. Her doctoral research focused on teacher strategies that increase equity in CS education. Melissa has led teams to develop CS curriculum and supported districts in CS implementation.

Michael Oneppo

Product Manager

Michael works on Code.org's programming tools. His passion for Computer Science education was kindled at Nabu.org, where he helped use technology to bring educational resources to classrooms in Haiti. A computer science major with a Master's degree from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, Mike brings over a decade of program and product management experience from Microsoft and FiftyThree.

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Mike Harvey

Software Engineer

Mike has worked at Code.org as a professional development facilitator, curriculum development manager, and, most recently, a software engineer. Before joining Code.org, he taught K-8 computer science classes in Maine.

Molly Moen

Software Engineer

Molly is a software engineer with a passion for increasing access to computer science and diversifying the tech field. As someone who did not find CS until college, she is especially excited about Code.org's mission of bringing computer science to every school. In her spare time she enjoys baking, playing board games, and playing with her dog.

Molly Peredo

Product Designer

Molly is a designer, storyteller, and problem solver with a bias for action and a passion for accessibility. Before joining Code.org, she worked on design teams at Make-A-Wish Michigan and AKJ Education, where she enjoyed making a positive impact on the lives of children across the nation. In her spare time, you can find her reading, horseback riding, playing tennis, or crafting.

Natalia Zacipa Mejia

Program Evaluation Analyst

Natalia is a Program Evaluation Analyst in the Research, Evaluation, and Data Team, using her experience in consulting, public policy and data analytics to ensure program outcomes are achieved, and to identify opportunities to strengthen initiatives and reach underserved communities. She lives in Pittsburgh, PA and enjoys parenting her two kids, playing sports with them, and reading.

Nick Lathe

Software Engineer

Nick is a Software Engineer on the Platform team. He loves building solutions and solving problems that help people, which is why he was drawn to Code.org. Aside from software, Nick enjoys playing in the mountains near his home in Seattle on a snowboard or mountain bike, and traveling as much as he can.

Nikki Navta

K-12 Adoption Lead

Nikki’s role is to forge deep working relationships with districts and strategic partners to help drive sustained adoption of Code.org curriculum and professional learning across the U.S. When she’s not promoting computer science education to anyone who will listen, she loves spending time with her family and friends or competing with her rowing team.

Pablo Mejia Minaya

Software Engineer

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Pat Yongpradit

Chief Academic Officer

Pat Yongpradit is Code.org's Chief Academic Officer and serves state and national education systems by building their capacity to incorporate computer science. He has been recognized as a Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Educator, featured in “American Teacher: Heroes in the Classroom”, and has taught Science, Health, Technology, and Computer Science at the middle and high school levels.

Patty Izquierdo

VP of People & Culture

Robyn Speed

Director of Outreach and Adoption

Robyn serves as the Strategic Recruitment Program Manager where she drives national recruitment efforts in support of teachers, students, facilitators, and our Regional Partner network. She comes to Code.org with a background in teaching, global education development, and nonprofit leadership, with a passion for community engagement and collective impact. Prior to Code.org, Robyn led initiatives to develop libraries and expand youth workforce development programs in various African countries. When she isn’t working, she enjoys traveling, taking dance classes, and creative writing.

Sam Morris

Regional Partner Network Manager

As Regional Partner Network Manager, Sam works to help spread computer science in a local, sustainable fashion. Previously, Sam served as the Code.org regional partner for North Carolina, leading efforts on teacher professional development, district strategic engagements, and education policy. Sam has worked to be a catalyst for innovation in education for 30 years and is a passionate tinkerer.

Samantha Schwartz

Sr. Product Manager

Sam is a Product Manager working on the student experience. She became passionate about teaching, when she worked for Girls Who Code in college. Before Code.org, she worked as a PM for Microsoft. Outside of work, Sam loves to listen to music and spend time in nature.

Samantha Urban Tarrant

Brand Marketing Manager

As Brand Marketing Manager, Sam leads campaigns and initiatives designed to increase awareness and excitement around Code.org and computer science education. She has a decade of experience in content marketing at global nonprofit organizations like The ONE Campaign and World Vision. Outside of work, Sam enjoys yoga, gardening, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband, son, and dog.

Sanchit Malhotra

Software Engineer

Sanchit Malhotra is a software engineer at Code.org where he works on creating and enhancing student-facing tools. He previously worked at Amazon and Harmonix Music Systems. Outside of work, he regulalry teaches, performs, and produces music. He is a graduate of Georgia Tech, with a bachelor's in computer science, and Berklee College of Music with a master's in music composition.

Sarah Judd

Curriculum Development Manager

Sasha Nouri

Director of Individual Giving

Sasha is the Director of Development at Code.org. A staunch advocate of equity in education, Sasha has worked in philanthropy in independent schools and higher education for the last decade. Sasha is passionate about expanding opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities in computer science. In addition to fundraising, Sasha enjoys playing racquet sports, woodworking, birdwatching, and caring for plants and animals.

Sean Roberts

VP, Government Affairs

Sean leads Code.org's policy work in multiple states. A former classroom teacher, he has led state advocacy efforts in areas such as funding equity, teacher certification, and school accountability. Building strong partnerships is a hallmark of Sean’s work. Prior to joining code.org, Sean served as executive director of a school advocacy association and a district human capital consultant.

Seth Nickell

Software Engineer

Sierra Michels-Slettvet

Director of Product Management

Simon Guest


Simon Guest is CTO at Code.org, where he oversees the engineering teams responsible for the organization’s software products and platform. Prior to joining Code.org, he held engineering leadership positions at Amazon, Concur, and Microsoft. Simon is passionate about giving back by teaching computer science to students from all backgrounds and is an active contributor to many open source projects.

Stephanie Halsne

Executive Assistant

Stephanie is Code.org’s executive assistant supporting the Chief Executive Officer, President, and the Vice President of International and Development. In her spare time, you will find her traveling, trying new restaurants, or enjoying life with her husband, daughter, and doodles.

Suresh Chanmugan

Software Engineer

Suresh was born and raised in Baton Rouge, but has called Seattle home since 1999. His interest in Code.org's mission was kindled by time he spent volunteering at Technology Access Foundation and the Maya Angelou Public Charter School. He previously worked at Liaison Technologies, a data integration company.

Tawny Bradley

Director of Projects and Operations

Tawny is the Director of Projects and Operations on the Education Programs team at Code.org. She has a master's degree from the University of Sheffield. Prior to Code.org, Tawny ran a vocational film program in Maine, worked in creative media skills-based curriculum development in London, and produced film festival programs across the UK.

Tess O'Brien

Product Manager

Tess is a Product Manager at Code.org working with the Teacher Tools team. Having learned computer science skills after college, she is passionate about increasing diversity in the tech field. Prior to working with Code.org, Tess worked to help build technology solutions for nonprofits including Slow Food USA, The Seattle Housing Authority and YWCA.

TJ Carney

Recruiting Operations Manager

TJ works as part of the People & Culture Team to understand hiring needs and provide an outstanding candidate experience. Having worked both in higher education and tech, he has a strong passion for Computer Science education. Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, spending time with family and friends, and cheering on his NY sports teams (Go Bills and Yankees!).

Tonya Davis

District & School Growth Manager

Tonya is working to grow the number of schools that adopt Code.org's products and services to increase access to CS. She is passionate about helping to eliminate barriers to access and engagement for students traditionally left out of tech careers. Before Code,org, Tonya was a Regional Manager for the TEALS Program and previously taught high school computer science.

Travis Dodd

Associate Counsel

Travis is an experienced attorney with a passion for data privacy, security, and ethics. Prior to joining Code.org he worked in the technology, communications, retail, and non-profit sectors. Travis earned his BS in accounting from the University of Central Oklahoma and his JD from the Georgetown University Law Center. He is a member of the Washington and District of Columbia bars.

Turner Riley

Software Engineer

Turner is a former intern turned software engineer at Code.org. They're excited to learn more surrounding the world of CS education and hopes to one day be a teacher. In their free time, they enjoy going dancing and playing D&D.

Vijaya Manohararaj

Software Engineering Manager

Vijaya is passionate about education, especially helping kids experience the joy of learning something new. She was drawn to code.org as it overlaps two areas very close to her heart, technology and education. Outside of work, she loves going rock climbing, swimming and working with her husband on educational videos for their YouTube channel.


Software Engineer

Wilkie has spent the last decade teaching university-level computer science and is quite happy to be continuing the trend as a software engineer at Code.org. They tote a collection of hundreds of floppy disks and cultivate a joy for preserving older hardware and software to ensure it is not lost to time. Their focus as a systems researcher is developing ways to increase the accessibility of computing and making the art it enables available to all.

Our Extended Team

Our Facilitators

Our expert facilitators and professional learning partners are an extension of the Code.org team. This amazing team of experts are responsible for preparing the computer science teachers of tomorrow.