Sarah Morrison

Sarah Morrison joined as the Senior Vice President of Marketing, bringing with her a profound commitment to enhancing K-12 computer science education globally. In her role, Sarah is focused on expanding the movement for computer science education, driving global awareness, and ensuring equitable access to educational resources.

Prior to her tenure at, Sarah worked collaboratively with leading brands like AT&T, Apple, Visa, Pepsico, and Neiman Marcus. During this period, she gained a reputation for initiating and leading highly impactful global campaigns. Her expertise in strategic marketing, coupled with her ability to engage diverse communities, has been instrumental in elevating the profiles of these organizations on the world stage.

Sarah's career is marked by a series of strategic roles where she effectively bridged the gap between marketing visions and tangible results. At Neiman Marcus, she was pivotal in modernizing marketing approaches and aligning them with evolving market trends. Her time with AT&T was characterized by her spearheading dynamic marketing strategies that embraced the rapid changes in technology and consumer behavior.

Beyond her professional achievements, Sarah is deeply passionate about the transformative power of education. She believes in leveraging technology and innovative marketing strategies to make education more accessible and inclusive. This belief has been a driving force in her career and is what led her to, where she sees an opportunity to make a substantial impact on the educational landscape.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, which has provided her with unique insights into consumer behavior and market trends. Her education, combined with her vast professional experience, makes her uniquely qualified to lead's marketing initiatives.

In her free time, Sarah is an avid traveler and enjoys exploring different cultures. This passion for diversity and exploration is reflected in her work, where she consistently strives to incorporate a wide range of perspectives and ideas into her marketing campaigns. At, Sarah is not just a marketing leader but also an advocate for educational equity and innovation.