Karim Meghji

Karim Meghji joined Code.org in 2022 as its Chief Product Officer. Karim is a seasoned product, and technology leader and entrepreneur who has helped build and scale successful businesses based on the belief that a strong customer focus, an iterative approach to product and technology, and an empowering people culture are critical to an organization’s success.

Prior to joining Code.org, Karim held Chief Technology and Chief Product Officer roles at Remitly, a leading digital financial services provider for immigrants, steering the company’s product and technology teams through rapid growth, global expansion and a successful IPO in 2021 (RELY). In addition to financial services, Karim has led product and engineering leadership roles at companies disrupting online marketing for hotels (Booking.com, and buuteeq, acquired by Booking.com), corporate managed travel services (Yapta, acquired by Coupa Software), music and movie content distribution, and early on was part of the team that pioneered streaming audio and video on the internet (RealNetworks).

Karim earned a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from San Jose State University, discovered his passion for programming in a community college class using Borland’s Turbo Pascal, and had his first programming experience on an Apple IIe in a high school mathematics class. Karim lives in Seattle with his dog Mia (the kids are all grown up and off on their life adventures!), and enjoys tennis, golf, travel and cooking - really it’s the eating :-)