Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to inspire students about computer science! Below are the current volunteer opportunities:

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Anyone passionate about computer science education and careers in tech can be a volunteer. We want volunteers of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels who have a passion for increasing diversity in tech. The Hour of Code has a large variety of tutorials for all ages and skill levels so you don’t need to be an expert to volunteer!

Volunteers are most needed during the Hour of Code, but if you're also interested in a year-round commitment teachers are constantly looking for professionals and students alike to inspire their students. Sign up to volunteer at code.org/volunteer.

The more information you provide, the more likely a teacher will contact you. It's also helpful if you:

Why volunteer?

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How you get selected:

How to prepare:

Try out tutorials before heading to the classroom by going to https://code.org/learn Prepare an intro: Get the students excited! Pick out a video to show to help focus the class and get them excited to do an Hour of Code.

Volunteering during the Hour of Code FAQ

I haven't been contacted by a teacher yet. How can I still volunteer?

Try searching for local schools and call the principal/teacher/front office and ask how you can help.

How long do classroom visits last for?

An in-person classroom visit usually lasts 60-90 minutes while a virtual classroom visit usually lasts 20-30 minutes

What age group is the Hour of Code tutorial appropriate for?

Code.org designs the Hour of Code tutorials as games and puzzles to engage students of all grade levels (K-12), boys and girls, from all backgrounds. Everyone, even adults can have fun playing our tutorials!

Volunteer at TEALS

If you are a software engineer who is available for a bigger commitment, consider volunteering with TEALS. TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools) brings together hundreds of software engineers and teachers to help build sustainable CS classes across the country. You can make an impact in local schools by helping teachers teach Intro and AP CS classes 2 days a week.

"Yes, teaching in my living room helps young people. But TEALS has enabled me to make an even larger impact on the kids in my town." - Atul Hatalkar, Principal Engineer

"Every day I feel more blessed to be part of TEALS, to give something fruitful back to the community. Every day I teach kids I feel more grateful for my life." - Silvia Doomra, Program Manager

"It’s not just me teaching computer science; I’m also helping a teacher learn to teach computer science so they can be self-sufficient." - Leonardo Souza, Senior Software Engineer