Letter to your teacher, principal or district administrator

Dear teacher, principal or administrator,

Computer science opens more doors for students than any other discipline in today’s world. Learning even the basics will help students in virtually any career—from architecture to zoology. Just as we teach students how to dissect a frog, or how electricity works, it’s important for every 21st century student to have a chance to design an app or an algorithm, or learn how the Internet works.

90% of parents want schools to teach computer programming, and students love it

A 2015 Gallup poll found that 9 out of 10 parents want schools to teach computer science - so our children grow up not just using technology but learning how to create it. In fact, among low-income families, the majority of parents and teachers believe the computer science should be required for students to learn!

A survey of high school students shows that computer science ranks among students' favorite subjects, behind only graphic design and performing arts. Now that computing is the #1 source of all new wages in the U.S., it's important that every child should have access to learn computer science in schools.

Will you help bring computer science to our classrooms?

We need to move beyond basic technology education and offer computer science to our students in elementary, middle and high school.

One approach is to partner with Code.org, a national nonprofit expanding access to computer science. Their K-12 program consists of an innovative approach to professional development, curriculum, and promotional materials. You can learn more at https://code.org/yourschool.

Fantastic Code.org curriculum and workshops for teachers (free)

For elementary school teachers (Grades K-5), Code.org offers high-quality curriculum and 1-day workshops nationwide to prepare educators to introduce computer science basics in a format that's fun, accessible and relevant to the youngest learners. Students of all ages enjoy learning these fun and applicable skills. Any elementary school teacher can sign up for the workshops. Just see http://code.org/k5.

Beyond elementary school, Code.org offers curriculum for middle school and high school teachers, and teacher professional development in partner regions. Both are completely free of charge.

3rd party options

Aside from its own programs, Code.org recommends a great list of 3rd party options as well at http://code.org/educate/3rdparty.

Growing participation with an Hour of Code

In addition to supporting computer science courses, we can all help prepare our children for the 21st century by growing participation in this field, and to break the stereotype that coding is only for nerdy white teenage boys. The best way to do this is to have the entire school participate in the international Hour of Code movement.

Please take action in your classroom or school to make sure our students have access to high quality computer science education. You can find information about Code.org's entire K-12 program and other options at https://code.org/yourschool.


A parent