Online, Self-Paced Courses for Teachers

In addition to our curriculum and immersive professional development workshops, is pleased to offer this free, self-paced online course for teachers who wish to implement Computer Science Fundamentals in their classrooms. This course is available free of charge to any educator with a account world wide.

Teaching Computer Science Fundamentals

Teaching Computer Science Fundamentals is intended as an introduction to Computer Science Fundamentals and the K-5 resources for teachers. Through reading, viewing videos, completing interactive puzzles and reflecting on your learning, you'll develop your own understanding while preparing to teach computer science in your classroom.

Learning Objectives
Through completing this online course, participants will:

  • Learn the basics of computer science
  • Review best practices for teaching these basics to your students
  • Access free curriculum and resources for teachers
  • Plan for how you might get started teaching Computer Science Fundamentals
  • Connect with a community of fellow educators who are making positive change in their classrooms through coding

No previous experience with coding or computer science education is assumed. This is a beginner's course.