Bring computer science to your classroom with and Amazon Future Engineer has partnered with Amazon Future Engineer to offer middle and high school teachers at underserved schools a growing number of resources and benefits at no cost!

The Amazon Future Engineer program is offered to schools with:

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The program provides a complete CS program combining open source K-12 curriculum with professional learning.

Engaging curriculum designed to support beginners and challenge students of all levels

Our team designed our courses to support students and teachers new to the discipline, and to engage and challenge students of all levels. Every lesson plan and activity is tested by a diverse mix of classrooms around the country to make sure it’s appropriate and engaging for all students. Both courses we offer for middle and high school students are mapped to the newly revised 2017 CSTA standards.

Our curriculum and platform are free for anyone, anywhere, to use - always.

CS Discoveries (Grades 6-10)

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  • An introductory computer science course that empowers students to create authentic artifacts and engage with computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun
  • Can be taught as a 1 or 2 semester course (or 50+ course hours)

CS Principles (Grades 9-12)

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  • A higher level introductory course that introduces the foundational concepts of computer science while challenging students to explore how computing and technology can impact the world
  • Can be taught as an AP or non-AP class
  • Requires a full year to teach (or 100+ course hours)

“Having in our school has been a priceless commodity! Being a Title I school, a lot of our students don't have access to personal computers or laptops, so they can end up falling behind in terms of technology. We do our best to keep them motivated and show them the potential that learning how to code has on their future.”

-Joseph Ramos, Texas

Extensive teacher resources

You don’t have to be a software developer to teach CS. Our program is uniquely designed to support teachers new to CS while offering the flexibility to evolve lessons to fit student needs.

Our curriculum team has created guides for each course, designed to help support new and veteran teachers.

Teachers have access to daily lesson plans for each course. Along with integrated discussion goals, teaching tips, and assessment opportunities, our lesson plans come with detailed pacing instructions, activity guides, exemplar projects, sample marked rubrics, and more!

Our Teacher Dashboard makes it easy for teachers to create and manage classroom sections, check student progress, administer assessments, and integrate with Google or Clever classroom. (Sign in required.)


Professional development

The Professional Learning Program is hosted by our Regional Partners across the country, and is designed to prepare teachers before and during their first year teaching CS Discoveries or CS Principles. Applications are open now for middle and high school teachers - join us!

More than 100,000 teachers have participated in the Professional Learning program, and the majority of attendees rank it the best professional development ever! Over 90% of attendees would recommend our program to another teacher.

No experience needed! Whether you are new to teaching computer science (CS) or have experience teaching other CS courses, the Professional Learning Program offers year round support. We’ve designed this program to promote growth by providing space for you to become comfortable with curricular materials, CS content, and pedagogy.

Over a third of schools use's curriculum, including the largest school districts in the U.S., such as LAUSD, Broward, and Dallas ISD. And, over a quarter of our teachers come from rural schools.

Every Student Succeeds Act. The program meets the six key criteria for professional development outlined in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Learn more in our Program Brochure.

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Additional Amazon Future Engineer benefits

In addition to the platform and curricula, Amazon Future Engineer provides:

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*Students who are Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino/Latina/Latinx, Native American/Alaskan, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander