Become a Maker

Explore your creativity with physical computing.

What is a Maker?

Makers invent, explore, innovate, and create using technology like development boards, robotics, 3D printing, programming, and more.

Maker education takes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) a step further by inviting hands-on experience and collaboration into the classroom to help teach problem solving and critical thinking.

Getting started with physical computing

We have curriculum options that support two different devices — see available options below.

Why physical computing?

  • Real-world applications

    Using a physical device can help students engage and connect the actions on a screen to their impact in the real world.

  • Inclusion and engagement

    Surveys show female students described feeling more confident after exposure to physical computing.

  • Social + emotional learning

    Physical computing encourages students to work together, fostering collaboration, interpersonal skills, and active learning.

Maker careers

Meet Jerome Morrison at Meow Wolf

Jerome is a design technologist at Meow Wolf who works on amazing interactive art installations. With technology, he helps create portals to imaginative worlds at Meow Wolf's location in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Additional resources

Beyond curriculum and professional learning, we have many materials to support your classroom.

Curriculum Catalog

Comprehensive curriculum offerings for every grade and experience level featuring robust structured and self-paced learning options.

Professional Learning

Help today's students become tomorrow's superheroes with professional learning that meets your needs.

Hour of Code Activities

One-hour tutorials in over 45 languages. No experience needed. Hour of Code activities are available for free year-round.