Elementary School Curricula

Browse the fun, free courses and activities that invite you to explore computer science with your elementary school students.

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Grades: K-5

Computer Science Fundamentals

Free set of elementary curricula that introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world.

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Grades: 3-5

Computer Science Connections

Makes connections between learning computer science (CS) and other subjects like math, language arts, science, and social studies.

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Grades: 3-12

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Demystify artificial intelligence (AI) by learning how it's changing the ways we live, work, and learn.

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Grades: 3-12


Maker education takes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) a step further by inviting hands-on experience and collaboration into the classroom to help teach problem solving and critical thinking.

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Grades: K-12

Hour of Code

One-hour tutorials in over 45 languages. No experience needed. Hour of Code activities are available for free year-round.

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