Teach Computer Science

Elementary school

Teachers say our five elementary courses are “totally awesome sauce” and fun for all students, even pre-readers.

Middle school

Our new middle school course can be offered as a semester or year-long introduction to computer science for all students.

High school

We offer two year-long courses for high school: an intro course and an AP course. Both are designed to broaden participation in computer science.

Additional Resources

Hour of Code

Celebrated in December, but available year-round, the Hour of Code is the first step for anyone to learn that computer science is fun and accessible at all ages.

Partner with us

Bring computer science to your country, state, region or school district.

Beyond Code.org

There are many fantastic courses and organizations helping schools adopt computer science. See our list of recommended options.

Inspire a student

Find a volunteer guest speaker, or use these videos, posters and how-to resources to inspire students to try computer science.

Join the online community

Connect with other computer science teachers and stay up-to-date on what’s new with Code.org.

Tools and videos

These tools and videos can be used in any CS course to support learning.