K-5 Teachers

If you're an elementary school teacher, attend a local workshop to offer our K-5 courses to your students.

School Districts

If you're a district administrator, apply for a partnership to bring computer science to your entire district.

The Hour of Code

The first step to introduce children to computer science is to participate in the Hour of Code, the largest learning campaign in history. In one hour, students (and teachers) can learn that computer science is fun, easy, and accessible at all ages.

All resources for educators

Whether you're a school teacher, an administrator, an after-school teacher, or a volunteer, Code.org provides educational resources for all ages, free of cost. Below is a summary of our curriculum and other programs. Our online courses on Code Studio are meant for use in all settings — in-school, home-schooling, after-school — and can be taught by teachers, parents or volunteers.

Professional Development for Teachers

Elementary school teachers

To introduce your students to our popular introductory courses, attend one of our high quality local workshops, free of charge.


Can't attend a local workshop? Consider completing our free, self-paced online workshop.

Middle and high school teachers

Our workshops for teachers in grades 6-12 are only available as part of a district-wide partnership.

If a district partnership isn't an option for you, you might consider using Courses 1-4 with your students. Our free, self-paced online workshop provides an opportunity for you to get started teaching CS on their own.

Partnerships for School Districts

Elementary schools

Partner with us to bring computer science to your entire school district, free of charge. Or send your teachers to a nearby workshop.

Middle and High schools

If you're an administrator at a large district, or situated near an existing Code.org partner, apply for a district partnership to bring computer science to your entire district.

Teacher Community and Support

We’re kicking off a new worldwide community to keep teachers up-to-date on what’s new with Code.org, and to help connect our teachers around the globe. There are many ways to get involved in our community. Review the options and choose how you’d like to participate.

Inspire students

Use these videos, posters, and how-to resources to inspire students to try computer science. You can also nominate a student or teacher for a Code.org award.

3rd party resources

Click below for links to other resources for educators interested in teaching computer science.


If you like to geek out on education philosophy, we've published our curriculum philosophy and professional development philosophy. We use these documents to inspire our own team's work and to help guide our work with our curriculum partners.