Hour of Code

Creativity with AI

What is Hour of Code?

This year Hour of Code is exploring the limitless realms of creativity empowered by AI! Whether you or your students are experienced coders or you are setting out on your very first computer science expedition, this Hour of Code promises an extraordinary voyage.

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There are several places you can start, choose which one is right for you and your students:

Lead an Hour of Code Activity

Grades: 2-12

Dance Party

It's time to strut your stuff! Create your own dance party featuring hits by Miley Cyrus, BTS, Lil Nas X, Harry Styles, Nicki Minaj, Rosalía, and more!

Grades: 3-12

AI for Oceans

Help A.I. clean the oceans by training it to detect trash! Learn about training data and bias, and how AI can address world problems.

Grades: 2-12


Build and explore with Minecraft! Learn basic computer science skills with lots of different Minecraft activities to choose from.

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Learn How AI Works

Learn the inner workings of ChatGPT, computer vision, and other AI concepts, explained by the people who created these technologies through videos and accompanying lesson plans.

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Grades: 6-12

Lesson Plans: How AI Works

This series of short videos and accompanying in-classroom lessons will introduce you and your students to how artificial intelligence works and why it matters. You can choose individual lessons based on topic, explore the whole series of topics in one class or teach all 7 lessons to give a deeper dive.

Explore How AI Works

Engage with AI 101 for Teachers

AI 101 for Teachers is a five-part professional learning video series that will demystify AI, explore responsible implementation, address bias, and showcase how AI-powered learning can revolutionize student outcomes.

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Professional learning

Video Series: AI 101 for Teachers

A free, foundational online learning series for any teacher and educator interested in the groundbreaking world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its transformative potential in education.

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