Computer Science Beyond High School

While doesn’t offer post-secondary courses, we encourage students to consider opportunities our partners and generous donors are providing to take your love of computer science beyond graduation.

College Pathways in Computer Science and Technology

Interested in pursuing a future in computer science? Check out these resources to learn more about the academic opportunities.

Accredited Academic Institutions for Computer Science:

Alternatives to the College Pathway

Heading straight to university isn’t for everyone. If you aren’t planning on attending college, there are still ways to begin a meaningful career in computer science.

Continue your learning with these partners:

Offerings available from our donors:

Online University Courses

Whether you’re sure about a career in computer science, or still exploring, taking one of these online courses will expand your learning while also showing you what studying CS beyond high school could look like.

Professional Experiences

Learn more about different careers in computer science, speak with professionals, and when you’re ready, check-out work experiences being offered by some of the leading tech companies.

Learn about Career Pathways:

Internships and Work Opportunities:

Mentorship Programs and Community

Connect and network with others in the CS space through events and programs.