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CS Journeys

Use these engagement opportunities to excite and inspire your students to keep learning CS! Click on each opportunity to view specific details around timing, grade-appropriateness, and more.

Virtual field trips

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Behind the Cloud: Explore Amazon's data centers

How did we go from renting movies at the store to streaming from anywhere at any time? Learn how data centers and cloud computing have changed the way we watch our favorite content, and the careers behind it.

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Discover how Amazon keeps data safe and sustainable

You want to upload your photos to the cloud, but what if something happens at a data center? Learn how AWS and data center professionals keep data safe and sustainable.

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Alexa, take me to the Moon!

Join Amazon, Lockheed Martin, and Webex for a behind-the-scenes look at the technology being tested on NASA's Artemis I mission.

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Explore the technology of Amazon's Fulfillment Centers

Discover how computer science, state-of-the-art engineering, and incredible people deliver customer orders at Amazon.

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Go inside the iRobot Cool Stuff Museum

Join us in the iRobot Cool Stuff Museum, exploring 30 years of robotics history. See via our mobile robot as our guide brings robotics and computer science to life.


Exploring the Deep Bit by Bit

Learn about the deep sea with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and see how computer science plays a part in helping us understand this challenging habitat!

My Journey Chats

Check out a few of our past chats below, or to view all past events, click here.

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Using computer science to keep people safe

Hear from Richard Nelson, V, a mechanical engineer at Motorola Solutions who plays a crucial role in ensuring public safety.

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Building robots

Learn how Eva Moscat and Anna Elzer are helping build software for robots and designing learning experiences that inspire the next generation of technologists.

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How to outsmart a malicious hacker

Learn how Christopher Lopez, a security analyst with Tanium, helps organizations protect their networks from cybersecurity threats.