Coding with Poetry

Explore how coding can bring poems to life, creating your own digital poetry masterpieces. Available in 25+ languages!

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Getting started with Coding with Poetry

Choose your adventure in creativity and code with our engaging lessons, designed to spark imagination and technical skills through the art of poetry.

One hour

Poem Art

Embark on a creative coding journey with 'Poem Art', a popular Hour of Code activity! In just one hour, students will explore the intersection of coding and language arts by creating interactive poems, illustrating the mood and tone with code.

Grades: 3-5

Format: Self-paced

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One week

Coding with Poetry

Take the next step beyond Poem Art with this week-long module. Perfect for classroom learning, encourage students to delve deeper into coding concepts and language arts, as they design, code, and share their own interactive poetry stories.

Grades: 3-5

Format: Teacher-led (suggested)

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Continue learning after Coding with Poetry

Coding with Poetry is just one module in our cross-disciplinary Computer Science Connections curricula.

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Grades: 3-5

Computer Science Connections

Makes connections between learning computer science (CS) and other subjects like math, language arts, science, and social studies.

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