Pluralsight One for Classrooms

AP Computer Science Principles

Keep them learning after the AP Exam

Once the AP Computer Science Principles Exam is over, you can continue encouraging student learning and engagement in your classroom through Pluralsight One's special partnership with Students can continue to develop skills with free access to the Pluralsight course library designed especially for students. Curated by expert technologists, the library features more than 350 courses totaling over 1,000 hours of content across four major areas: IT/OPs, software development, design/creative, and product management.

Pluralsight One offering

The Pluralsight One offering for students provides:

  • Dozens of expert-led courses
  • Deeper dives into networking, databases, programming, game development and more
  • Skill assessments to benchmark your abilities
  • Learning paths to learn skills in an appropriate progression
  • Channels to focus learning on goals
  • Mobile and offline viewing to learn anytime, anywhere
  • Access for a full year from the time they redeem the offering that is provided by their teacher

Redeem Pluralsight offer

To redeem the offer:

  1. Sign into your account
  2. Make sure you are a Verified Teacher (Need to become a verified teacher? Click here.)
  3. Request Pluralsight One Codes using this form.
  4. Our Customer Success Team will get back to you within 48 hours with a code.
  5. Share the code with your students.

About Pluralsight

Pluralsight is an enterprise technology skills platform that delivers a unified, end-to-end learning experience for businesses across the globe. Through a subscription service, companies are empowered to move at the speed of technology, increasing proficiency, innovation and efficiency. Founded in 2004 and trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Pluralsight provides members with on-demand access to a digital ecosystem of learning tools, including Pluralsight IQ, directed learning paths, expert-authored courses, interactive labs, and analytics. For more information, visit Pluralsight One is Pluralsight’s social enterprise. It is the company’s commitment to drive significant, lasting social impact by improving equal access to technology skills and investing in catalytic solutions. For more information about Pluralsight One, visit