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Give your students the opportunity to hear from a diverse group of people using computer science to explore the universe, make cool robots and popular TV shows, and more! Students will learn about a number of ways they can use computer science to have a positive impact, as well as different journeys that people have taken to get to meaningful careers and achieve their goals.

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Improving user experiences in healthcare

Hear from a self-taught web developer about how his contributions at Greenway Health make access to healthcare information more user-friendly.

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Creating an inclusive camera at Snapchat

Hear about a Snapchat Product Lead’s journey from building a jukebox app to creating an inclusive camera that works well for everyone, regardless of their skin tone, culture, beauty standards, or ability.

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Making interactive art with technology

Learn how a creative engineer at Meow Wolf helps to build interactive art installations that immerse visitors in mind-blowing new worlds with the intersection of art and engineering.

Creating Visual Effects for Star Wars click to view

Creating visual effects for Star Wars

Hear from Allison Moon, a pipeline technical director with ILM and Lucasfilm who helps create visual effects for movies such as Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Due to legal constraints, we are only able to offer this recording on demand on Zoom. You will need to register using your name and email address to access.

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Using computer science to keep people safe

Hear from Richard Nelson, V, a mechanical engineer at Motorola Solutions who plays a crucial role in ensuring public safety.

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How to outsmart a malicious hacker

Learn how Christopher Lopez, a security analyst with Tanium, helps organizations protect their networks from cybersecurity threats.

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Exploring the world of virtual reality

How can virtual reality experiences reinvent how people work, play, and communicate? Find out as we talk to a technical program manager at Meta Quest.

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Behind the scenes at Code.org

Hear about the career path that led a non-computer science major to become a Product Manager at Code.org and how she creates fun tools used in classrooms around the world.

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Music and more at Spotify

Hear about the career path that led two software engineers to Spotify and how each plays a different role in helping to bring music to our lives.

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Building models of the universe

Hear from NASA scientists Kim Arcand and Rutu Das about their career journeys and how they use data science to build 3D models of the universe.

Artifical intelligence and sports click to view

Artificial intelligence and sports

Learn how Patrick Lucey, a former semi-pro soccer player, uses data and AI to help athletes and teams improve their performance. Only available as a Zoom recording.

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Building robots

Learn how Eva Moscat and Anna Elzer are helping build software for robots and designing learning experiences that inspire the next generation of technologists.

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Using Roblox to empower students

Learn how Roblox designer Genevieve Johnson uses the platform to empower students to pursue careers as entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers.

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Art + Tech

Learn how Tomas Garcia and Joel Ferree make space for artists to explore the intersections of art and emerging technologies at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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Building the Internet of Things

Learn about how solutions architect Olawale Oladehin is helping to build the Internet of Things - and hosting Twitch streams!

Making Star Wars click to view

Making Star Wars

Hear how Cristiane Maia and Ini Oladosu use technology to help make movies and TV shows, including the many worlds of Star Wars.

Due to legal constraints, we are only able to offer this recording on demand on Zoom. You will need to register using your name and email address to access.

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Computer science for good

Learn how software engineers Erin Bond and Maureen Sturgeon are building technology that helps students all around the world learn computer science.

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Developing responsible artificial intelligence

Learn how program manager Taylor Roper works with scientists and engineers to help build new technologies responsibly.

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