Explore the wide world of computer science with your students

The most memorable school experiences are frequently not in lessons, but associated with an impactful experience such as an eye-opening field trip or an inspirational guest speaker. Connecting what students are learning to the real world not only enables them to better understand and recall concepts but also excites and inspires them to continue learning.

Code.org has created easy-to-use resources designed to help you to excite, encourage, and empower your students to continue their CS journeys in and beyond your class:



Excite and inspire students to learn CS and explore pathways with videos, live experiences and events, and other activities that showcase the possibilities with CS



Encourage students to keep learning — connect them to role models and mentors, and get parents invested in their children’s CS journeys



Empower students to take control of their CS journeys with resources enabling them to explore, look forward and plan

View the Teacher Guide to learn more about the CS Journeys program.


Get your students excited and inspired to learn CS with these great options

Use the options below to introduce CS Journeys to your students and inspire them to keep learning and exploring!

NASA Chandra X-Ray Observatory

Take your class on a CS adventure

Sign your classroom up for live, virtual field trips with NASA, Amazon and others! Students get a firsthand look at different ways that CS and tech are used in the real world.
My Journey Chats: Weekly Classroom Speakers

Hear directly from professionals

Join us for live weekly chats with people using computer science to model the universe, build robots, help athletes improve their performance, and more!

Explore Careers

View career exploration and inspiration resources

View our career exploration hub for videos, interactive tools, and other resources that students can use to explore different CS pathways.

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Get parents/guardians engaged and hear from role models to encourage students to keep learning

Parent/guardian engagement is critical to student success — make time to communicate with them throughout the school year using customizable email templates and other resources designed to educate them about what computer science is and the opportunities it can offer their children.

Role models and mentors can demonstrate real-life successful CS journeys and help connect students to opportunities and resources. Share Code.org resources below to make students aware of mentorship opportunities.

email icon

Engage families with email updates & other resources

Welcome parents/guardians to CS, keep them informed of student progress, and make them aware of career opportunities.

mentorships and communities

Connect students to mentors and support networks

Building a strong support network is one of the most important things a student can do. Point students to this list of opportunities.
Extracurricular opportunities

Point students to opportunities outside the classroom

Extracurricular activities like coding clubs reinforce classroom learning and give students real-world hands-on experience.

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you're a shining star

Did you know?

If a parent or teacher tells a student they’d be good at a subject, that student is two-three times more likely to stick with that subject!


Empower older students to take control of their CS journeys and explore next steps

Empower students to take control of their CS journeys by exploring the academic and career pathways available to them with CS and giving them a deeper understanding of how to get there. Sign your class up to participate in live discussions designed to make students aware of tangible next steps they can take. Point students to resources like internship and scholarship opportunities, and encourage them to apply what they've learned outside the classroom, in extracurricular opportunities like hackathons and summer programs.

Next Steps Discussions for high school students

Next Steps Discussions for high school students

Join us this fall for live talks and Q&As designed to demystify ‘next steps’ in high school students’ computer science journeys.
More resources to empower students

More resources for empowering students

Students feel a strong sense of ownership over their own journeys. Point them to opportunities that empower them to take the next step, including mentorships, scholarships, and summer programs.

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