2018-19 Middle and High School Professional Learning

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New to computer science? No worries.

Whether you are new to teaching computer science (CS) or have experience teaching other CS courses, the program is designed to promote growth by providing space for you to become comfortable with curricular materials, CS content, and pedagogy. Our curriculum provides a complete set of lesson plans that include inquiry-based activities, videos, assessment support, and educational tools.

The program supports teachers with diverse teaching backgrounds as they prepare to teach either of the following courses:

CS Discoveries (Grades 6-10)

CS Principles (Grades 9-12)

Do you teach elementary school? Learn more about our professional learning for grades K-5 here.

Attendees love our professional learning!

80,000 teachers have participated. 98% of attendees would recommend our program to another teacher. The majority of our workshop attendees rank it the best professional development ever.

"I do not have a computer science background. I would change nothing about the training. It was an incredible experience, and I felt valued and respected."

"It was refreshing to meet others who were taking a leap to learn something new. We all came to the table with weaknesses, but we could all put our strengths together and solve puzzles."

"It was absolutely rich and the most meaningful training I have ever attended in 16 years of teaching."

Professional Learning Program features

Cost should not be a barrier

We are a nonprofit dedicated to helping schools teach computer science. In most states, our professional learning is offered at no cost to you or your school.

In New York and North Carolina, there is a fee to cover the costs of the workshop. But, we have worked with many school districts in these regions and they have allocated funds to cover the costs for you and your school. If your principal or administration has any questions around the costs to support this, please encourage them to reach out to our partners in New York and North Carolina so we can help you.

One cohesive set of resources

​Our professional learning and curriculum flow seamlessly together, empowering teachers to deliver the course with confidence. In-person workshops combine with online tools to provide participants with a broad selection of resources to help them plan ahead for implementing the course in their classrooms, while also collaborating with other educators.

Teaching and learning in context

Participants will engage with the curriculum both as instructors and as learners. By experiencing the course content as an active learner, participants will gain important, concrete insight into the perspective their students will have during the academic year. By interacting with curriculum content as instructors, participants will learn how to plan and deliver lessons.

A collaborative, participant-centric approach

​Teachers and facilitators will have the opportunity to share their expertise from the field and collaborate on strategies to bring to the CS Principles and CS Discoveries classrooms, giving participants a chance to learn from everyone in the room. Facilitators model pedagogical strategies and participants share their own approaches by planning and delivering lessons. ​

Program commitments 

The Code.org Professional Learning Program has both in-person and online supports designed to prepare teachers before and during their first year teaching CS Principles or CS Discoveries.

Summer Workshop:

Ongoing Support, throughout following academic year:  

In addition, all teachers have access to the Code.org forum, an online professional learning community that offers continued support with tools and content, introduces new and helpful resources for teaching the course, and lets teachers continue to explore the curriculum. Have more questions about which program is for you? Learn more about implementation options or contact us.

Q&A Video Chat with Hadi Partovi

To help provide more information about the program, Hadi Partovi (Code.org Founder) and Brook Osborne (Education Program Manager and one of the creators of our professional learning program) hosted a video chat on Thursday, Feb. 15. They discussed why it’s important for every student to have the opportunity to learn computer science and shared more details about what teachers and administrators can expect from the Code.org Professional Learning Program.

Watch a recording of the discussion here.

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