Computer Science Connections

Our newest curriculum makes the connections between learning computer science and other subjects like math, language arts, science, and social studies. Through CS Connections, K-12 classrooms explore their usual subjects in exciting new ways!


CS Connections modules are a structured series of lessons that integrate computer science learning into core subject areas like math, ELA, and science. These modules are aligned to standards across subjects and culminate in a cross-curricular project.

They're perfect for teachers who'd like to incorporate computer science into their lesson plans for other subjects, as well as CS educators who want to reinforce what students are learning in other subjects.

Coding with Poetry

5 hours

Connect computer science and poetry in your classroom with this series of lessons.

Sample Projects

Continue making connections between computer science and traditional subjects with our cross-curricular projects. They take just 1-2 instructional hours to complete and are ideal for any teachers looking to develop topic-specific projects to fit within their existing curriculum.

Tip: These projects require some understanding of computer science basics, so we recommend completing our Hello World Hour of Code activity before getting started!

Hello World

1 hour

Get students started with the basics of Sprite Lab. With these new skills, students can create projects on any topic, including some of the cross-curricular options below.

Quick Activities

Our Quick Activities provide a quick and interesting way to make a connection between computer science and other subjects. These lessons don't require any prior knowledge of computer science, so they're perfect for any teacher who wants to incorporate essential 21st century learning into traditional curriculum or motivate students with new exciting ways to learn older subjects.

Finished a CS Connection activity and/or looking for more options for your classroom? Please share your feedback and ideas for more lessons here!