Curriculum for Course 1

Lesson 1: Happy Maps [U]
Lesson 2: Move It, Move It [U]
Lesson 3: Jigsaw: Learn to drag and drop
Lesson 4: Maze: Sequence
Lesson 5: Maze: Debugging
Lesson 6: Real-Life Algorithms: Plant a Seed [U]
Lesson 7: Bee: Sequence
Lesson 8: Artist: Sequence
Lesson 9: Building a Foundation [U]
Lesson 10: Artist: Shapes
Lesson 11: Spelling Bee
Lesson 12: Getting Loopy [U]
Lesson 13: Maze: Loops
Lesson 14: Bee: Loops
Lesson 15: The Big Event [U]
Lesson 16: Play Lab: Create a Story
Lesson 17: Going Places Online [U]
Lesson 18: Artist: Loops