Coding with AI

The Coding with AI unit teaches strategies for using AI to simplify complex concepts, guide problem-solving, and even generate code, empowering students to become informed and ethical future coders.

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Empower students to become confident, ethical coders

Teach students how AI can become an effective support tool with this versatile, language-neutral unit.

Language agnostic

Tailored for universal relevance, this unit goes beyond specific programming languages, focusing on foundational AI and coding principles and challenges.

Flexible course structure

Beyond the introductory lesson, this unit is designed to be flexible. You can teach each lesson on it's own or in the order that suits your classroom learning goals.

AI as a support tool

This unit is an ideal add-on to any language-specific instruction, helping you teach how AI can be used as a support tool and equip students with future-ready skills.

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Curriculum at a glance

  • Grades: 6-12

  • Level: Beginner

  • Duration: Five 45 minutes lessons

  • Devices: Laptop, Chromebook

  • Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Programming

  • Programming Tools: Any AI tool (ChatGPT, Bard, etc)

  • Professional Learning: None

  • Accessibility: Text-to-speech, Closed captioning, Immersive reader

  • Languages Supported: English

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Lessons in this course

With the exception of lesson 1, the lessons in this course are flexible and can be taught in any order!

Lesson 1

Introduction to Coding with AI

How can AI support code development and what ethical considerations should be addressed when using AI in coding?

Lesson 2

AI as Your Ideation Partner for Programming Prep

How can AI assist during the initial stages of the programming process, and what ethical considerations should be noted?

Lesson 3

Navigating Algorithms with the Help of AI

How can AI enhance your ability to develop and understand algorithms, and what ethical considerations should be noted?

Lesson 4

AI as Your Debugging Partner

How does integrating AI into the debugging process impact the balance between a programmer's creativity and problem-solving efficiency?

Lesson 5

Beyond the Finished Code

How can AI tools ethically enhance the functionality of a finished program?

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Frequently asked questions

What programming language is the module for?

None! This module is intentionally designed to be language-agnostic so you can incorporate these lessons into your existing curriculum.

What are the prerequisites for this module?

There are no required prerequisites, but you may choose to teach one or more of the How AI Works lessons before these to provide additional context about chatbots and large language models, algorithmic bias, and ethical considerations of AI.

What tools and setup are required for teaching this module?

Students need to have their own devices to type on. They also need access to Bing, Bard, ChatGPT, or some other general chatbot on their computers. Check with your principal or IT department to make sure students can access one of these LLMs (Large Language Models).

What is the recommended timing for teaching this module?

Due to the flexibility of these lessons, you could choose to teach these lessons in any order, in sequence, spread out over multiple weeks, or back-to-back within one week.

How can I access answer keys?
Is this module mapped to standards?

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