CodeBytes: 20 minute, mini-lessons for all ages

Planning for the Hour of Code? Try a CodeByte! CodeBytes are easy-to-digest, 20-minute interactive lessons originally created for Hour of Code 2020 to provide teachers fun and easy ways to engage students learning at home during the Hour of Code. (Last year's episodes are archived below.)

2021 Hour of Code Special Episode: Poem Art

This year, we're launching a single special episode in which students can use code to learn more about the power of language as an art form. Tune in on Tuesday, December 7, at 10 a.m. ET and again at 10 a.m. PT for this special session of CodeBytes where we'll show students how to get started with the Poem Art Hour of Code activity.

CodeBytes are great for:

  • Students with varying access to technology. Participants can tune-in and interact whether they have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone!
  • Young students who may not be ready for fully self-led Hour of Code activities.
  • Older students who want to engage in a group lesson.
  • Parents and caretakers looking to supplement their child’s learning at home.
  • Educators looking for a simple, pre-planned way to bring the Hour of Code to their classrooms.
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    Lessons are created and led by our very own staff, many of whom were teachers themselves previously! This means you don’t need any additional resources or lesson plans in order to organize a fun and educational Hour of Code event to your class.

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    Activities & Episodes Archive

    All of our live episodes have taken place. However, recordings can be found below or you can download them here.

    Episode 1

    Recommended for grades 6-12

    American Sign Language (ASL) is a way to communicate without speaking. We’ll be training a computer to read sign language with our own images of ASL letters. Teachable Machine and AI for Oceans will be used during this lesson.

    Episode 2

    Recommended for grades K-5

    Everyone’s invited to a digital dance off as we code characters to do your favorite dance moves in Dance Party!

    Episode 3

    Recommended for grades 4-12

    A virus has infected Monster Town! We’ll code an Outbreak Simulator and make predictions about what will happen to the neighbors of Monster Town.

    Episode 4

    Recommended for grades 6-12

    Want to help your community? Learn the basics of designing a simple app in AppLab that you can immediately share with others.

    Episode 5

    Recommended for grades 3-7

    Let’s dig into the world of Minecraft to help the Agent activate switches, place blocks, and clear obstacles to pick up items for the journey!