AI Teaching Assistant

Introducing our AI Teaching Assistant: Designed for CS educators, it offers instant, insightful project assessments, enabling teachers to concentrate on inspiring and connecting with their students.

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Smart assessment power

Unlock the power of AI to evaluate student projects with precision, speed, and confidence.

  • Automated Assessment: Instantly assess student work against's rubrics.
  • Feedback Insights: Provide targeted, constructive feedback to foster student growth.
  • Efficiency Boost: Reduce administrative workload, freeing up more time for teaching.

Focus more on what matters

The AI Teaching Assistant transforms CS education, easing the workload for new and experienced teachers alike. By streamlining assessments, it boosts educator confidence, enabling a focus on enriching student interactions and tailored learning experiences.

Accepting pilot applications through June 2024

We are enrolling CSD Unit 3 teachers into our AI Teaching Assistant pilot. You'll get the chance to help experience and test this exciting new tool!

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Frequently asked questions

What can the AI Teaching Assistant currently support?

The AI Teaching Assistant's first feature is AI-supported rubrics in the Interactive Games and Animations unit of's Computer Science Discoveries (CSD) curriculum. This feature:

  • Allows teachers to assess their students' coding projects within the platform
  • Saves teachers time by providing an initial assessment of student work
  • Helps build confidence for teachers who are new to teaching Computer Science
In the future, the AI Teaching Assistant's feature set will expand to assist teachers with additional tasks.
What Units is the AI Teaching Assistant available for?

The AI Teaching Assistant is launching in CSD's Interactive Games and Animations Unit. The team is hard at work building AI-supported features for additional curriculum.

When will the AI Teaching Assistant be available to all Interactive Games and Animation users?

The AI Teaching Assistant will launch to all CSD teachers in August 2024, in time for the 2024-2025 school year.

How do I access the AI Teaching Assistant?

The AI Teaching Assistant is available for teachers accepted into the pilot in mini and end-of-unit projects in the Interactive Games and Animations unit. In those lessons, the AI Teaching Assistant will appear in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

Where should I go to keep up with's investment in AI-supported tools? is investing in using AI to enhance teaching and learning. Check out to learn more about our AI curriculum, professional learning, and tools.

Can I see a demo of how AI TA works?

Join our curriculum manager, Angelina, as she introduces the AI Teaching Assistant.

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