How to Help

Host an Hour of Code - at work, in your community, or local school

Millions of people of all ages have learned an Hour of Code, a one-hour introductory course designed to demystify computer science and show that anybody can learn the basics.

Make a generous donation

We're working to give every student the opportunity to learn computer science — online and in schools where we’ll establish permanent courses and train teachers. One child learns for every dollar you donate.

Ask your school to teach computer science

Encourage local elementary schools to teach our elementary curriculum or recruit teachers to attend a one-day workshop- at no cost. Or partner with to bring permanent courses into middle and high schools.


Advocate for computer science locally

Petition your state to allow computer science to count towards math or science high school graduation credits. And promote computer science in your area with these stats, quotes and videos.

Translate our Tutorials

Volunteers have translated our tutorials in over 34 languages. Help us continue to expand our tutorials for students around the world!

Are you a software engineer? Help spread computer science

Offer help to local teachers

If you're already a software engineer, there are many opportunities to get involved locally. Volunteer to teach our other courses to local student with this guide. And sign up to hear about volunteer opportunities near you.

Or become a volunteer teacher yourself with one of these organizations:

  • CoderDojo - Start a Dojo in your neighborhood, mentor children to learn to code.
  • TEALS - Volunteer to teach Intro and AP CS classes 2 days a week in local high schools.
  • Citizen Schools - Volunteer to teach computer programming in extended-day programs at schools.

Teach an online course to your child, or in any classroom's online platform Code Studio enables students to learn the basic concepts of computer science as early as kindergarten. Within Code Studio, a new Play Lab has been developed where elementary students can create and send apps or animations directly to a cell phone, just by typing in the phone number.

Spend 10 minutes adding "hints" to our tutorials

With millions of students trying the Hour of Code, and hundreds of thousands doing the introductory online courses, we could use your help adding helpful hints for students who make mistakes. In just 10 minutes you can help improve our courses.