Partner with to bring K-12 computer science to your district

Existing partners

  • New York City Department of Education (NY)
  • Chicago Public Schools (IL)
  • Denver Public Schools (CO)
  • Broward County Public Schools (FL)
  • Charles County Public Schools (MD)
  • See all 30 partner districts provides (at no cost):

  1. Professional development for teachers (including stipends)
  2. Nationally-recognized courses and curriculum, optimized for blended-learning
  3. Materials to promote computer science to parents/students
  4. Support for all grade levels K-12

      Note: This program is currently for US public schools only.
      If you are a private or international school, know that all of our curriculum and professional
      development resources will be publicly available under a Creative Commons License.

District Partnership Materials

For detailed partnership information, check out these resources:

Interested in partnering?

The K-12 Computer Science Program

The Program consists of teacher professional development and three course packages that together represent a comprehensive approach to K-12 computer science education. A district partnership requires adoption of the High School computer science course package, while the Elementary and Middle School programs may be added independently. Learn more about's curriculum.

Instructions for district representatives

If you are a district representative, register your district. Please contact for more information.

If you are a teacher or a parent

If you want to encourage your district to work with us, send this email to a district representative:

Dear __________, is a national non-profit organization bringing computer science to students in school districts nationwide. Their K-12 program consists of an innovative approach to professional development, curriculum, and promotional materials - all at no cost to the district. Please watch their video promoting computer science at

        Please consider contacting to bring the opportunity to learn computer science to all of our district's students. You can find information about's K-12 program at

Promote the Program

Show these videos to school staff and parents.

LA's Director of Curriculum on Computer Science

Sign Up For Computer Science

Check out more videos, featuring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Black Eyed Peas founder and NBA star Chris Bosh talking about the importance of programming.

Please contact for more information.