Partner with to bring K-12 computer science to your district

"Computer programming has become far more accessible to teach and learn, and our country needs more students to learn it." - Randi Weingarten, President, American Federation of Teachers

Existing partners (including all 7 of the largest US school districts)

  • New York City Department of Education (NY)
  • Los Angeles Unified School District (CA)
  • Chicago Public Schools (IL)
  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools (FL)
  • Clark County School District (NV)
  • Broward County Public Schools (FL)
  • Houston Independent School District (TX)
  • Montgomery County Public Schools (MD)
  • See all 70+ partner districts

What does a K-12 district partnership look like?

"My students are definitely excited to use the program each week and constantly ask about it." — CS in Algebra teacher, Chicago, IL

"It was helpful to have time to DO the coding, so I feel comfortable with it while teaching." - CS in Science teacher, Charles County, MD

"This Professional Development is probably the best one I have attended in my 8 years of teaching." — ECS teacher, Broward, FL

We have two goals for a district partnership:

  • Expanding access to high-quality computer science education to all students;
  • Establishing a computer science program that will grow and be sustained within the district beyond the term of our partnership.

Our commitment includes providing, at no charge, high-quality computer science curriculum across multiple grade bands, coupled with high-quality professional development (see links below), teacher supports, a learning platform, and course marketing materials among other things.

We also commit to matching the funds you put toward teacher stipends for high school or middle school professional development.

In exchange, we want your district to commit to the partnership, to the goal of access to computer science education for all students, and to continuing and sustaining the the work we begin together into the future.

Here’s a detailed term sheet that describes what you need to do and what we will do as part of the partnership.

Can your district qualify?

You’ll need to apply and be accepted to our district partnership program. (Application does not mean acceptance.) Before you do, consider these key requirements up front:

  1. Identify, or explain in detail, how you will identify at least 30 teachers who will participate in the professional development workshops we hold in your area. This can happen in one of following ways:

    1. Your district has at least 30 committed teachers for each program you want
    2. You join forces with neighboring districts either as a consortia of districts lead by one district submitting one application for the group or districts joining together to submit individual applications together
  2. If you can’t identify 30 teachers, here are two other options:

    1. You’re in driving distance of our existing partnerships regions to join existing workshops
    2. You pay the cost of your teachers to travel to an existing region (See XLS spreadsheet to calculate costs)
  3. If you want to focus building a K-5 program, you can do so through a district affiliate trainer and identify or explain in detail how you will identify teachers who will participate in the training

  4. Each teacher accepted into our professional development must teach the course -- this means taking steps on your side (such as securing course codes in high school) in advance of the partnership.

  5. We will match up to 50% of the teacher stipends for high school and middle school professional development when scheduled. Budget your contribution in advance and identify the source of funding. Here is an XLS calculator to determine costs. (Note: doesn’t cover taxes and benefits on stipends and we don’t provide stipends for K-5 workshops.)

What if you don’t qualify?

Check out our list of preferred 3rd party providers who can help you bring computer science to your schools. Consider a K-5 only partnership, or see if there’s a K-5 workshop in your area that can prepare your teachers.

Application Form

Applying for a district partnership is a relatively thorough process. You can read through the materials here, but we expect it to be a collaborative process, working with our district outreach team. If you qualify for a partnership (see above) and want to go through the process, please fill out our interest form to begin the dialogue.

Download district partnership application:

When you have finished filling out your partnership application, submit it to us via email at


Here are our deadlines for Applications. Applications received earlier will receive higher priorty.

  • Window 1 -- Applications need to be in by June 30th.
  • Window 2 -- Applications need to be in by August 31st.
  • Window 3 -- Applications need to be in by October 31st.

Information on Curriculum and PD

If you are a teacher or a parent

If you want to encourage your district to work with us, send this email to a district representative:

Dear __________, is a national non-profit organization bringing computer science to students in school districts nationwide. Their K-12 program consists of an innovative approach to professional development, curriculum, and promotional materials - all at no cost to the district. Please watch their video promoting computer science at

        Please consider contacting to bring the opportunity to learn computer science to all of our district's students. You can find information about's K-12 program at

Promote the Program

Show these videos to school staff and parents.

LA's Director of Curriculum on Computer Science

Sign Up For Computer Science

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Computer Science

Check out more videos, featuring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Black Eyed Peas founder and NBA star Chris Bosh talking about the importance of programming.

Please contact for more information.