Educator resources

Start with an Hour of Code™ for your students

The Hour of Code™ is an opportunity for every student to try computer science for one hour. You can also teach the Hour of Code all year-round. Tutorials work on browsers, tablets, smartphones, or "unplugged."

Partner with us to bring computer science to your district (US public schools)

For school districts interested in adding computer science to their core curriculum, will provide everything you need, from professional development to curriculum materials, including stipends for teachers. If you are a private or international school, know that all of our curriculum and professional development resources will be publicly available under a Creative Commons License.

Teach our short intro course in any classroom or club (self-serve)'s K-8 Intro to Computer Science course is a 20-hour series of tutorials and activities, designed for any educator to host in a classroom, after-school, or even in a club outside of school.

In partnership with we are offering up to $1,000 in rewards to the first 1,000 teachers to successfully establish this course in U.S. public school classrooms.

K-12 computer science curriculum

We aim to provide curriculum resources for a full K-12 pathway in computer science. This is a work in progress, in collaboration with educators throughout the computer science community. All of our curriculum resources will be publicly available under a Creative Commons License.

Inspire students (especially women) to try computer science

We provide a collection of videos, posters, and how-to resources to help inspire students to try computer science.

Educational video library

These videos are available for educators to reuse worldwide, in any classroom or even online.

Third-party resources for educators

Click below for links to other resources for educators interested in teaching computer science.

Coming soon: Run your own professional development

By the fall of 2014, we will make our professional development plans and workshop materials publicly available under a Creative Commons License, to enable partners and affiliates to run their own workshops using our materials. For now check out our: