Full Team

Hadi Partovi

Co-founder, CEO

Code.org CEO Hadi Partovi is an entrepreneur and angel investor. Hadi was on the founding teams of Tellme and iLike, and was an investor or early advisor to numerous startups including Facebook, Dropbox, Zappos, and airbnb. His full bio is available here.

Ali Partovi


Ali is an entrepreneur and angel investor. He was a co-founder of LinkExchange and iLike, and investor or advisor to numerous startups including Dropbox, Indiegogo, and Zappos. He helped launch Code.org and the Hour of Code campaign, and continues to provide strategic advice to the team.

Cameron Wilson

COO & VP of Government Affairs

Cameron was previously Director of Public Policy for the Association for Computing Machinery. In 2010, he launched the Computing in the Core coalition to bring attention to K-12 CS education. At Code.org he manages operations (school district outreach, professional development workshops), as well as government affairs and policy work.

Mona Akmal

Director of Product

Mona is a certified geek with a long history of building stuff for real people. Her goal at Code.org is to be a part of an awesome team that wants to build fun products that help kids learn computer science and embrace their inner geek! In her past life, she ran product management for the OneDrive (SkyDrive) experience at Microsoft, and she co-founded dreamfly.org in her spare time.

Michelle Page

Director of Finance & Administration

Michelle is a non-profit veteran, skilled in fundraising and organizational development. She was previously executive director of Technically Learning, a nonprofit which brought computer science courses to local elementary schools in Seattle. Michelle oversees Code.org's Finance and Human Resource functions as well as fundraising projects.

Pat Yongpradit

Director of Education

Pat is a former high school computer science teacher who specialized in creating authentic, project-based learning experiences. He has worked as a curriculum consultant for Microsoft, for Pearson, and also as a curriculum team lead for Montgomery County Public Schools. At Code.org he is responsible for creating (or curating) curriculum and professional development, to provide rich computer science opportunities to every school in the nation.

Katie Apone

K-8 Program Manager

Katie works on rolling out professional development and curriculum to K-8 schools nationwide. She previously worked at the Seattle-based nonprofit Technically Learning and also served in the Peace Corps as an education volunteer.

Dave Bailey

Software Engineer

Dave is a software engineer working on the Code.org K-12 Computer Science curriculum. Previously, he worked at Google on Gmail and Contact Manager.

Jake Baskin

Outreach Manager

Jake is a former high school computer science teacher and professional development provider. As a teacher he focused on increasing access to computing for underrepresented groups and more than doubled female enrollment in introductory computer science classes.

Carina Box

K-12 Operations Manager

Carina keeps the ship sailing for Code.org's education team. Previously, she taught 6th grade in Phoenix, AZ and worked at a large consulting firm training clients on new technology.

Josh Caldwell

K-8 Program Manager

Malorie Carlini

K-12 Program Assistant

Malorie supports the education operations team in coordinating teacher professional development workshops across the country. She is a former community college workforce advisor who provided guidance for at-risk students.

Maria Choi

Head of Fundraising

Maria develops partnerships with generous people, companies and organizations to support Code.org's mission. Maria also collaborates on marketing projects to drive awareness, growth and impact of Code.org's education programs. Previously, Maria worked for brands like Sesame Workshop, NFL, and UNICEF. Her other passion is volunteering for a non profit social enterprise called Nomi Network.

Cody Edmonds

Junior Business Analyst

Cody works to provide current data for teacher professional development and various other tasks. He’s a nerd about maps and navigated to Code.org by way of Google Maps contracting.

Geoffrey Elliott

Stunt Coder

Geoffrey wrote a best-selling young-adult zombie book, Scar and the Wolf. He was previously at Google, a founder at Phatbits, at Microsoft, and a founder at NEICO. At Code.org Geoffrey built Pegasus, our incredibly cool web development platform.

Roxanne Emadi

Grassroots & Social Strategist

Roxanne writes, tells stories, and tweets for Code.org, working on grassroots marketing efforts. She's previously worked in media and policy.

Laurel Fan

Software Engineer

Baker Franke

Curriculum Development Manager

Melissa Glenn

Executive Assistant

Melissa supports the administrative needs of the code.org offices. Specifically, she handles scheduling for the Leadership Team: Hadi, Cameron, Pat, Michelle and Mona.

Amy Hirotaka

State Policy & Advocacy Manager

Amy works on state policy and advocacy issues for Code.org. Previously, she managed outreach activities for a Seattle-area nonprofit, focusing on increasing the number of women and girls pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Bow Jones


Bow Jones is a jack-of-all-trades video shooter, editor and graphics animator living in the Seattle area. He has produced videos with TED, Edutopia and Storytellers For Good.

Brian Jordan

Software Engineer

Brian is a software engineer working on the Code.org K-12 Computer Science curriculum. He has prototyped games at PopCap SF, studied CS at Tufts University, and interned at TripAdvisor and One Laptop per Child.

Will Jordan

Software Engineer

Laura Kline

Digital Prophet

Laura supports a variety of projects related to policy, marketing, and fundraising at Code.org. She previously worked at a DC-based education consulting firm and as a 5th grade classroom teacher in Nashville, Tennessee.

Aimee Lynch

Bookkeeper/HR Assistant

Aimee supports the finance and human resource departments.

Brook Osborne

9-12 Program Manager

Brook Osborne comes to us from Duke University where she teaches a service-learning robotics course. She has co-authored several publications related to outreach, robotics, and CS Principles.

Tanya Parker

International Program Manager

Tanya is a recent Computer Science graduate from the University of Southern California. She handles international partnerships, curriculum translations, and internationalization and localization.

Nicole Reitz-Larsen

K-12 District Outreach Program Manager

Nicole connects with Districts in the West to establish partnerships with districts to promote Computer Science at all grade levels. She comes to us from Salt Lake City, Utah where she was a former computer science teacher for grades 7-12. She is very passionate about equity in education and providing opportunities for students to be successful.

Brendan Reville

Software Engineer

Brendan is a software engineer who loves building user experiences. Since moving to Seattle from Sydney, he has worked at Microsoft on the Xbox 360, volunteered in a low-income after-school tutoring program, and played ice hockey.

Jenna Suarez

Chicago Regional Program Manager

Jenna comes to Code.org from years of experience in both the tech and education industries. Over the past decade, she has skillfully kept one foot in each sector while working at Deloitte, NYC Public Schools, Chicago Public Schools and BigMachines/Oracle. At Code.org, Jenna is the liaison for all things Chicago.

Brent Van Minnen

Software Engineer

Brent is a software engineer working on the Code.org tutorials, including the Flappy Bird creator. Previously, he worked for six years on Microsoft Office.

Extended Team

  • Mahta Amirzadeh - Software Developer
  • Daniel Apone - Technically Learning Board Member
  • Linnette Attai - PlayWell was founded by Linnette Attai, an expert in regulatory and self-regulatory compliance issues related to privacy, safety, advertising, marketing, product development and content directed to children and teens across all media platforms.
  • Scott Bailey - Audio Producer / Sound Design
  • Joe Basirico - Technically Learning Board Member
  • Brandon Bloom - Software Developer
  • Nichol Bradford
  • Nat Brown - Founder, An Engineering Guild
  • Beth Boatright - Technically Learning Board Member
  • Phil Bogle - Software Engineer, Google
  • Stephanie Chiang - Program Manager, Google
  • Lesley Chilcott - Filmmaker
  • Della Cronin - Vice President for Legislative and Public Affairs, Washington Partners, LLC
  • Rebecca Deutsch - Technically Learning Board Member
  • Nicole Ehrlich - Producer
  • Neil Fraser - Software Engineer, Google
  • Hans Fugal - Software Engineer
  • Aydin Ghajar - Branding/Design for original code.org Website
  • James Gwertzman - Evangilist
  • Rick Hawkins - Web Developer, Alchemy Design
  • Eric Hilton - Technically Learning Board Member
  • Ross Hogin - Graphic Designer, Branding/Re-design of code.org
  • Stacy Hsu - Graphic Designer
  • Jie Jin - Software Engineer
  • Elaine Kao - Senior Program Manager, Google
  • Toby Kahan - Developer
  • Katie Kurtz - Grant Writer
  • Avid Larizadeh - COO & co-founder, Boticca
  • Nan Li - Curriculum Researcher
  • Eric Oemig - Technically Learning Board Member
  • Patrick O'Donnell - Software Developer
  • Franci Penov - Facebook
  • Chris Pirich - Software Developer
  • Erin Purcell - Accountant
  • Justin Rogers - Principal Software Developer at Microsoft
  • Hamid Safi - Senior Software Development Engineer, Microsoft
  • Lauren Selig - Producer
  • Eric Scheidt - Administrative Assistant
  • Neeraj Sirohi - Bookkeeper/HR Associate
  • Jon Smith - Manager
  • Ellen Spertus - Senior Research Scientist, Google
  • Adriel Tam - Technically Learning Board Member
  • Phil Wagner - Instructional Designer, Google
  • Dorsey Whitney - Legal Advice
  • Foster Pepper - Legal Team