Translate Curriculum

The majority of our translations are done through CrowdIn, a localization management platform. It is free to join and any volunteer can immediately contribute to the project by providing translations. There are currently three projects open for translations:

Please complete translations for these projects in the above order of priority.

What do I translate first?

The only curriculum we are currently translating are the lesson plans for Courses 1-3. Course 4 lesson plans are available, but not ready for translation. The course is still in beta and the lesson plans may change.

Here is the PDF version for all of the K5 curriculum. This large PDF is broken up into several files, available for translation in the Curriculum project, in the following order.

  1. overview
  2. skills-strategies
  3. puzzle_solving_student
  4. puzzle_solving_teacher
  5. classroom_strategies
  6. Course 1-3 (one lesson plan for each stage)
  7. appendix-title
  8. glossary
  9. implementation

Frameworks and standards are not included in the project. They do not need to be translated because they are specific to U.S. standards.

Although translations are open in the Curriculum project, this is only the first step in making the curriculum fully available on our site in several languages. We are still working on supporting this feature. If you need localized materials sooner rather than later, you're welcome to localize from the raw files. Here are the raw files for the teacher curriculum (i.e. lesson plans) and the student curriculum (i.e. student worksheets). Please e-mail with your localized materials for final approval before use.