Register for a Code Studio workshop (for teachers, grades K-5)

Taught by Affiliates who are experienced computer science educators, our free workshops will prepare you to teach the Code Studio courses for grades K-5.

Workshop details

10/17/15, 9:00am-4:00pm
88 Colin P Kelly Jr St San Francisco, CA 94107

Lunch (including vegetarian and gluten-free options) and drinks will be provided. Bring your laptop!

Facilitated by:

Ben Chun

Ben is a product manager at Minerva, an undergraduate program that combines world travel with interdisciplinary study. Previously he designed educational activities for an elementary-age summer camp, taught computer science and math at the high school level, and worked as a computer programmer. He has been a reader for the AP Computer Science A exam and is involved in the development of the new AP Computer Science Principles course. His interest in computer science education also takes the form of two projects: Computational Thinking Illustrated ( and I Learned to Program ( both are resources for students and teachers to better understand the many roles and ways of thinking in the technology industry.

What teachers say about Ben's workshops

“This was such an amazing workshop! Ben was so knowledgeable and inspirational. I wish I could take more workshops with him!” - Krystina T. from Sunnyvale, CA

“I have always wanted to give a foundational exposure to my little guys but I did not think that I would ever be capable. The experience not only changed my attitude as a teacher but also as a learner. I had always assumed that I just wasn’t smart enough to understand computer science. Now, with this approach, I am learning right along with my students. I am SO excited! The experience has completely changed my confidence levels.” - Kristin U. from San Francisco, CA