Microsoft asks all employees to participate in the Hour of Code in support of computer science education

Computer science is a defining field in the 21st century, yet most of us never learn it, and most schools don't even offer it. We believe computer science can unlock opportunities for students anywhere in the world, but it starts with access, empowerment...and each one of us. That’s why Microsoft is encouraging all its employees to participate in the Hour of Code as teachers, mentors or as even as students themselves if new to coding.

Give it a shot. This is one of many tutorials that even young kids can do, and it's fun. Let's see how close we can get to 100 percent participation!

5,938 Microsoft participants have tried the Hour of Code.

Additional ways Microsoft employees can help:

Are you an engineer?

Incredible statistics about the Hour of Code

Students are learning in 40 languages

Over 100M students have tried an Hour of Code

"Every single day yielded the same results — 100% engagement." —Nina Nichols Peery, Teacher

"I knew this was a once-in-a-life-time chance" —Mariana Alzate, 5th grader

"I have never, ever seen my students so excited about learning." —Michael Clark, Teacher