Teach Our Intro Course as a Volunteer

Are you a high school student looking to earn volunteer hours? A college student, parent or software engineer? You can teach computer science after school. No experience needed.

What is the K-8 Intro to Computer Science course?

K-8 Intro to Computer Science is a free, self-guided course (with video lectures by stars like Bill Gates and Chris Bosh), that features artwork from popular games Angry Bird and Plants vs. Zombies. It also includes “unplugged” activities for students to work in groups with no computer at all.

What you need

  • A venue with compatible technology
  • A teacher advisor or adult supervisor
  • Elementary or middle school students

Where to start

1. Find students to teach. Reach out to a local school’s technology teacher or principal about using a space to teach computer science to interested students. Or ask a local library, YMCA or Boys and Girls Club about using their technology center to teach the course to students.

2. Send an email to offer to volunteer. Here's a sample: Dear [TEACHER OR PRINCIPAL]:

I’m a [X]th grade student at [SCHOOL NAME] and I’d like to volunteer to bring computer science to [SCHOOL NAME] students in an afterschool club.

Code.org offers a free, K-8 Intro to Computer Science course that I want to teach. It’s a mix of self-guided, online tutorials (featuring Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies and Mark Zuckerberg) and group activities. It’s a lot of fun and teaches the foundations of computer science -- like logic, problem solving and creativity.

I think it’s important for every student today to learn how technology works. I’m excited to volunteer and give give [SCHOOL NAME] students a chance to learn what most schools don’t teach.

Can we schedule a time to talk more about this opportunity?


3. Set dates and times. Arrange when your course will start and what days and times it will run after that. Agree to a number of children in your club. We recommend no more than 12 children per volunteer.

4. Promote the course. Ask a local school or club if you can promote the course to their students/members. Create flyers or hang posters. Or host an info session for students.

How to prepare

1. Try out the course here.

2. Read our teaching guide. You'll learn how to teach the K-8 Intro to Computer Science course step-by-step: how to sign up, test the course and keep students engaged.

3. Watch our informational sessions. We answer questions on teaching the course in these informal Q&A videos.

More questions?