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Teacher Forums The teacher forums are a place for teachers who are implementing curriculum. Use this as a space to share best practices, questions, thoughts, ideas and inspiration. We're hoping to build a professional learning community for all of you amazing educators who are making change everyday in your classroom.
Technical Support If you’re in need of technical support with any platform or product, please review our FAQs and refer to our support forums for help. You can also contact us on this page to report a bug or with a feature suggestion.
Volunteer support Over 4000 technical volunteers around the country want to help in your classroom. Use this map to find one near you.

Report a bug or give feedback: In the top right-hand corner of any Code Studio course, there’s a Report Bug button. Click that button to report something you think might be wrong with that level.

Report abuse: If you see something inappropriate in the gallery, click on the app and then the “Built on Code Studio” menu at the bottom and select Report Abuse. Any offensive apps will be taken down immediately. Thank you for helping us keep this space safe for all students.

Connect locally: Find other computer science educators in your area. Join your local community.