IT requirements for tutorials

What you need

We use YouTube to embed videos into and our online learning platform. For schools with YouTube blocked, we attempt to display a hosted video player instead.

Ask your school or district IT department to whitelist these sites:

Priority URL
To use YouTube hosted videos**
To use hosted videos Unblock:
To use Internet Simulator


  • We recommend at least a 15 MBit/sec Internet connection for your school.


  • Tutorials work on any modern browser.
  • If YouTube is blocked at your school and you're using Firefox or Safari, hosted videos require Flash player. Chrome, iOS and Android do not require extra software to play videos.

Can you play this video?

Before you start's online courses, test playback for the video below to make sure you're good to go.

This is the player used throughout the curriculum. It will try to show the video through YouTube and, if YouTube is blocked, show the hosted video instead.

Video not playing?

If the default (auto-detected) player above is not playing videos properly, here are two other options to make it work:

Use the fallback video player

If YouTube is blocked at your school, we will default to the hosted fallback video player. If this does not work, submit your information at the video test page so we can help diagnose the issue.

Continue without streaming videos

If you can't get embedded videos to play, you can still use our tutorials without them.

  1. We've made all our videos available for download together. If your school has low bandwidth, we recommend that you download videos and show them to students on a shared screen.
  2. Integrated into our tutorials, we've added a green download link icon for each video, allowing students to download individual tutorial videos.
  3. If all fails, there is a "Show Notes" tab that provides a storyboard equivalent of videos.

Still having trouble?

We'll help you out. Ask questions on our forum.