Regional Partner FAQs

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General questions:

My region is already served by another organization, can we still apply to be a Regional Partner?

We are only looking for Regional Partners in regions where is not already working with another organization. If you are interested in participating in local Professional Learning for the 2021-22 school year, please email and we will connect you with the Regional Partner for your area.

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Where do you still need Regional Partners?

We’re not currently recruiting for additional Regional Partners. Please check back at a later time!

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Where can we find more information about's K-12 curricula?

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Can several organizations submit a joint application to be a Regional Partner in a region?

Yes, some of our current partners have a joint partnership where one organization is the funding and advocacy arm and the other focuses on professional learning and outreach.

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Do you accept international applications?

The Regional Partner Program is only open to organizations in the United States. While the Regional Partner Program continues to focus on organizations based in the U.S., there are many ways for non-U.S. organizations to partner with us. Please check out for more information.

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Do Regional Partners run other CS education workshops in addition to the programs?

We encourage our partners to run other CS education workshops in addition to the programs!

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