Chicago Public Schools' and's agreement on student data

In all of's agreements with school districts, the typical language relating to student data matches the philosophy of the privacy policy. In particular:

  1. Any student achievement data provided by our school district partners will be used solely for the purpose of evaluating our work.
  2. The student achievement data created externally to Code Studio courses will be anonymous / de-identified, and requested per the district’s standard process, consistent with all relevant laws governing such data.
  3. Most importantly: will not directly receive any student achievement data created externally to Code Studio courses. If we are seeking to carry out research that would utilize student achievement data, we ask districts to deliver data to our third party evaluator who has been chosen for their track-record of evaluating education initiatives and data.

However, in the case of Chicago Public Schools, the contract between and Chicago Public Schools includes different language that is more vague and broader in scope. When we established the agreement with Chicago, the district required us to use the same pre-approved language used by CPS in all third-party relationships. This privacy language describes more data sharing than what will actually be doing, simply to avoid the legal costs and bureaucratic challenge of negotiating completely custom language.

In practice, our relationship with Chicago Public Schools is no different when it comes to the privacy principles specified above, or in the privacy policy. Those practices are governed by the privacy template we use for all other school districts. In fact, our evaluator is working directly with Chicago Public School's research evaluation body applying the same policies and protections to student data noted above and within our template agreement.

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