Computer Science Fundamentals

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Software and technology are everywhere - in our computers, in our pockets, in our cars, and used in banking, communications, entertainment, transportation, and science. But very few kids are learning how to actually create technology - games, apps and programs. Even fewer US schools teach computer science. Women are underrepresented in this field, and so are black and Hispanic Americans. Computer science is foundational for every student, whether they want to pursue a career in software, or to be a more well rounded citizen in the 21st century. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our classroom to some of the basics of computer science using Code Studio an online learning platform by

What is Code Studio?

Code Studio is a fun, creative platform for learning basic coding and computer science! Using a blended learning model, your children are learning with a mix of online activities (on the computer) and “unplugged” classroom activities that use no computer at all.

This format helps nurture creativity, problem solving, collaboration, and logic through interactive, self-paced tutorials, featuring short video lectures and game-like puzzles.

Students will study topics such as:

With an online course, students are able to benefit from a truly modern educational experience. For example, Code Studio is able to:

Student login - for access outside the classroom

Because this is an online course, students can log in from outside the classroom - from a computer or tablet at home, or in the library. For our classroom to participate in this course, we have created Code Studio accounts for each student.

Protecting student privacy assigns the utmost importance to student safety and security and has designed Code Studio to maximize student privacy. In particular, participation in this course doesn’t require sharing any private student information online. The online course requests the student’s display name, which can be represented as an alias (eg “John S” or “Cool coder”).

The list below summarizes what student data is stored and protected by, and how it is used. You can find further details at

Data that collects from students participating in the course:

Optional data:

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