Computer Science in Algebra

Powered by Bootstrap, Preferred Provider for Professional Development has partnered with Bootstrap to develop a curriculum which teaches algebraic and geometric concepts through computer programming. The twenty lessons focus on concepts like order of operations, the Cartesian plane, function composition and definition, and solving word problems - all within the context of video game design. By shifting classwork from abstract pencil-and-paper problems to a series of relevant programming problems, CS in Algebra demonstrates how algebra applies in the real world, using an exciting, hands-on approach to create something cool.

At the end of the course, students will have written programs to build composite images, animations, and a complete video game of their own design, all of which can be shared to demonstrate mastery of programming and algebra. For more information, you can view our Course Overview and Course Framework.

CS in Algebra is aligned to Common Core Standards for Mathematics, making it possible to integrate our curriculum into the classroom smoothly. CS in Algebra is also a model implementation of Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, offering explicit pedagogical recommendation across all eight practice standards. Our curriculum also satisfies several of the CSTA (Computer Science Teacher's Association) standards across levels 1 (grades K-6) and 2 (grades 6-9). For more information, you can view our complete standards alignment.

Curriculum Documents

Lesson 1: Video Games and Coordinate Planes [U]
Lesson 2: Evaluation Blocks and Arithmetic Expressions
Lesson 3: Strings and Images
Lesson 4: Contracts, Domain, and Range [U]
Lesson 5: Writing Contracts
Lesson 6: Defining Variables and Substitution
Lesson 7: The Big Game - Variables
Lesson 8: Composite Functions
Lesson 9: The Design Recipe [U]
Lesson 10: Rocket Height
Lesson 11: Solving Word Problems with the Design Recipe
Lesson 12: The Big Game - Animation
Lesson 13: Booleans and Logic [U]
Lesson 14: Boolean Operators
Lesson 15: Sam the Bat
Lesson 16: The Big Game - Booleans
Lesson 17: Conditionals and Piecewise Functions [U]
Lesson 18: Conditionals
Lesson 19: Collision Detection and the Pythagorean Theorem [U]
Lesson 20: The Big Game - Collision Detection
Lesson : Course A

Additional Support Documents

Teacher Manual
Student Workbook
Course Overview
Course Framework
Standards Alignment


1. Why is Algebra so Hard?

Download the video

2. Modeling and Coordinates

Download the video

3. Order of Operations

Download the video

4. Domain and Range

Download the video

Try Bootstrap's Hour of Code tutorial

The Computer Science in Algebra course was inspired by and developed in partnership with Bootstrap. If you enjoyed CS in Algebra and you want to go further with your students, Bootstrap uses WeScheme instead of block based programming and allows you and your students to explore more complex apps, games or algebraic concepts such as recursion. If you would like to try WeScheme, or you're looking for an Hour of Code tutorial for an algebra class, we recommend this short, 1 hour tutorial designed for beginners.

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