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With schools closed and tens of millions of students at home, join Code.org each week for Code Break — help us build the world's largest live interactive classroom, with weekly challenges to engage students of all abilities, even those without computers.

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Tired of studying? Take a Code Break!

Computer science is super fun because it is creative and playful. Whether it’s solving a puzzle, coding art, or designing an app, students prefer learning by exploring rather than memorizing.

Computer science is foundational to all fields of study, but since many schools don’t offer it yet, this could be a unique chance to support your child in a fun new learning opportunity.

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Tune in with students to join our founder Hadi Partovi, special guests, and Code.org's best teachers to learn different computer science concepts in a live interactive classroom. To get the classroom projects each week, sign up above and add Code Break to your calendar.

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All ages welcome, via phone or computer. Just make sure to download Zoom beforehand. You can also find more resources for at home learning here.

Weekly Activities & Past Episodes

Episode 1 with Hill Harper, March 25th

Practice making your own algorithms.

On a computer or tablet: