Advocacy Coalition

The Advocacy Coalition is a non-partisan group that believes computer science should be part of the core curriculum in education, and that we must increase participation and access for female students and underrepresented minority students. Download a description of the coalition here.

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Current Legislation

Our Agenda

Despite demand for computer science professionals, the country’s K-12 education system continues to marginalize computer science education. While decisions about what is taught in elementary, middle and high schools are vested in state and local authority, policy at all levels of government must support putting students on a path to fill high-demand, high-skilled, high-paying computing jobs across all sectors of our economy.

The Advocacy Coalition supports the implementation of the following policies to make computer science a fundamental part of the K-12 education system:

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Tools to help you advocate locally

Letter to teacher or principal

Sample text to explain the importance of computer science to teachers and administrators

Letter to local elected official

Sample text to explain the importance of computer science to governors, members of state legislature, or school board member

Making computer science fundamental

Recommended policy ideas for states to make computer science central to K-12 education

Why computer science in K-12

Generic presentation to convince your school, district or state that computer science is important to teach in grades K-12

Dig Deeper into AP CS

Summary and graphs of state-by-state AP CS A data from the past ten years

Open letter supporting CS

A letter from business leaders, governors, K-12 leaders, and education & nonprofit leaders declaring support for CS education

Policy development resources

2017 state policies

Track state-by-state computer science education policy

Rethinking Perkins

Recommended actions to use Perkins to expand access to K-12 computer science

State Computer Science Planning Toolkit

A guide for state teams creating strategic plans for implementing K-12 computer science

Teacher Pathway Recommendations

Recommendations for CS teacher certification and preservice teacher preparation. Advocacy Coalition

Find out about this bipartisan coalition working on state and federal CS policy

Make your own advocacy materials

This page contains statistics and resources to assist in creation of advocacy materials, including our popular blog posts and outside resources