We especially want to recognize the engineers from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft who helped create these materials.

Active Contributors

David Pickett

Software Developer

David is a software developer with a love of world travel and passion for education. Starting with internships while at Carnegie Mellon, he began his career at Microsoft before taking off on a multi-year, multi-country adventure working remotely. He now lives on Maui, writing software and teaching programming.

David Wu

Software Engineering Manager

David is a California native and a proud UC Berkeley alum. He's currently an Engineering Manager who focuses on creating positive team environments where people can grow and be happy. In his spare time, David enjoys strumming guitar, playing video games, and spending time with his wife.

Leo Le


Mike Schmidt

Software Engineer

Mike is a native Washingtonian with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Washington. He worked at Microsoft from 1988 to 2014 where he loved working on Windows 3.1 through Windows 10! After retiring from Microsoft, Mike has enjoyed volunteer work in Education and Computer Science, volunteering via in his son's high school teaching AP Computer Science, helping with the school’s FTC Robotics club, and volunteer coding for

Mitchell Schmidt

Computer Science Student

Mitchell is a senior at Eastside Catholic High School. He enjoys math and science, as well as playing his trombone and percussion in the high school pep, marching, jazz, and percussion bands. In addition to studying computer science in high school and doing some volunteer coding for, he also has been on the school’s FTC Robotics team for four years. In the Fall of 2016 Mitchell intends to study computer science at college.

Patrick O'Donnell

Co-founder at Spare5

Start-up veteran and technology enthusiast whose background includes co-founding Urbanspoon and helping launch's fantasy baseball in 1995.

Steve Krenzel

Software Engineer

On a constant journey for beautiful code and interesting challenges Steve has worked at quite a diverse set of places including Google, Microsoft, and Twitter. In between those he took a brief stint to build a start-up, Thinkfuse, which was acquired by Salesforce. Prior to these he worked on the U.S. missile defense system, AEGIS, as well as data analysis software for nuclear fusion experiments at Princeton. He and his wife have lived in Seattle since 2009 where they enjoy watching sci-fi movies every Sunday with friends.

  • Ashley Dillinger - Software Engineer, Slalom Consulting
  • Brian McBarron - Software Engineer
  • Charing Wong - Software Engineer
  • Chris Pirich - Software Engineer
  • Evan Zheng - Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Henri-Bastien Lamontagne - Software Engineer 2, Microsoft
  • Kia Peyvan - Multidisciplinary Entrepreneur
  • Kyle Reed - Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Larry Kubin - Software Engineer
  • Matt Swann - Principal Engineering Manager, Microsoft
  • Min Cheol Jeong - Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Ruchi Varshney - Engineering Manager, Dropbox
  • Tyler Polen - Software Engineer
  • Zachary Brown - Software Engineer 2, Microsoft

Past Contributors

  • Anthony Bau - Engineering Team Intern
  • Barry Weiss - Tech Lead, WebMD
  • Brandon Bloom - Software Developer
  • Ellen Spertus - Senior Research Scientist, Google
  • Erik Bronnum - Developer, Penny Arcade
  • Franci Penov - Facebook
  • Geoffrey Elliott - Software Engineer
  • Hamid Safi - Senior Software Development Engineer, Microsoft
  • Hans Fugal - Software Engineer
  • Jie Jin - Software Engineer
  • Justin Rogers - Principal Software Developer at Microsoft
  • Mahta Amirzadeh - Software Developer
  • Nan Li - Curriculum Researcher
  • Neil Fraser - Software Engineer, Google
  • Rick Hawkins - Web Developer, Alchemy Design
  • Steve Eisner - Dropbox
  • Toby Kahan - Software Engineer

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